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Joanne Calderwood: Kicking A Puncher In MMA


Outside of Ronda Rousey, the WMMA scene has received little attention. There’s an elite striker that’s going relatively unnoticed right now — a sleeper named Joanne Calderwood. In Straw-weight, She’s an European Muay Thai champion and currently ranked #4 in the Unified WMMA Rankings. The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 presents 11 straw-weight fighters competing for the UFC belt.

This bout was against Sally Krumdiack in 2013. She demonstrated how to setup various cut kicks to the leg — inside and outside. She also demonstrated push kicks, backing the opponent up, and drawing them into a strike. This level of striking is not seen often in MMA, let alone WMMA. Elite striking is all about exploiting tendencies and creating openings — Calderwood is one of the few women that can consistently do so in MMA.

Stay tuned for fireworks and more breakdowns! If you are having browser issues with the video you can access it here.