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Metamoris 3: Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Results

(Promotional Photo courtesy of Metamoris.com)

A prestigious event featuring jiu-jitsu’s most high-profile super fights marked the third installment of Metamoris, which proved to be a defining moment in the sport. Showcasing an abundance of world-class grappling talent, Metamoris 3 was held on Saturday, March 29th at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. While some may have doubted rest assured it lived up to the hype. The event featured six dream matches, including the long-awaited rematch between Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo.

The Results of this Event are as follows:

Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts

As relative new comers rising in the black belt ranks, both men looked to leave a memorable impression for those in attendance en route to come out victorious in this fight. Both engaged each other with high caution as the match starts off with both men pulled guard battling in the double guard pull fighting position. As time progressed in the bout, Roberts worked strategically and patiently looking for various sweep and submission attempts while Maxwell works aggressively trying to pass the Ralph Gracie Black belt’s guard. Pushing forward  with both men defending and playing their perspective games Maxwell was able to gain the upper hand passing Roberts guard 4:37 in the round, then, advancing to the mount position hunting for collar choke and armbar submissions. Determined and strong-willed Roberts was able to survive these barrage of attacks throughout the remaining of the battle with the open match of Metamoris concluding in a draw.

OFFICIAL DECISION:  Sean Roberts vs. Zak Maxwell- DRAW

Gui Mendes vs. Samir Chantre

These two fighters are very familiar with each other from previous world-class grappling competition which made things going into this fight a new breeding ground to continue their competitive series. With no hesitation Mendes quickly establish Del La Riva guard working aggressively for sweeps.

As the match progressed, Mendes is able to establish top control over moving forward with the leg drag pass to gain side control over his opponent. Leaving no room for error or for his opponent to escape Mendes moved forward attacking Chantre with a submission move that has won him countless world titles executing a sneaky but effective baseball choke forcing Chantre to submit at 13:42 .

OFFICIAL DECISION:  Gui Mendes defeats Samir Chantre via baseball choke at 13:42

Dean Lister vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral

For the first no-gi submission grappling fight on the card, both competitors looked to pull out all the stops to gain the submission in the fight. With the first few minutes of the fight featuring a feeling out process from  stand-up clinches Lister goes to sitting guard position forcing Babalu to work of the pass. Gaining the arm drag Lister established top position ending up in Sobral’s full guard.

Opening his opponent’s guard Lister wasted no time going for his trademark heel hook attempt which  Babalu is able to escape. After back and forth scrambling  with Lister  playing open guard and half guard while Babalu continuously working the pass almost securing a head and arm choke from side control it was apparent that both men came well prepared for the encounter with their incredible match concluding in a draw.

OFFICIAL DECISION:  Dean Lister  vs  Renato “Babalu” Sobral- DRAW

Keenan Cornelius vs.  Kevin Casey

This match was originally supposed to feature Keenan Cornelius vs. ADCC/ UFC Veteran Vinny Magalhaes.However  due to a horrible staph infection Magalhaes was unable to compete and with 30 minutes notice Kevin Casey stepped up to fill in for the injured Magalhaes. The fight between these two warriors starts off really aggressive on the feet forcing Keenan to go directly to open guard getting the Del La Riva hook in on Casey. After a brief intermission of guard work and passing from Kevin Casey both fighters stand back up on the feet.

Utilizing some of his wrestling tactics Keenan gets a double leg takedown on Casey advancing to the mount looking for the gift wrap grip to take his opponents back. The strong-willed Casey was able to escape and after a brief scramble both men found themselves back standing. Both men were looking for takedowns but it was Cornelius who scored another takedown. A little over the halfway through the round, Cornelius finishes strong establishing 50/50 position forcing his opponent to tap with a heel hook securing himself a victory in his Metamoris debut.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Keenan Cornelius defeats  Kevin Casey via Heel Hook (Leg Lock) at 7:01

Clark Gracie vs.  Rafael Mendes

Heading into this fight with a 15 lb. weight difference everyone was curious as how to multiple time BJJ World Champion Rafael Mendes would fare against the always gamed Clark Gracie. Both men start off their battle in double guard pull. Using his technique and speed Rafael quickly transitions to the Berimbolo working aggressively to take the back putting Gracie in a tough predicament 30 seconds into the fight.

Maintaining his cool under pressure Clark Gracie was able to defend the hooks to survive the onslaught. Throughout the round Mendes continually put Clark Gracie in the same deja vu scenario with countless series of Berimbolos almost securing Clark Gracie’s back on many occasions . Although able to be control the whole fight, Clark Gracie was able stick it out until the end in this seemingly one-sided offense courtesy of Rafael Mendes ending their incredible match  in a Draw.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Clark Gracie vs.  Rafael Mendes – DRAW

THE MAIN EVENT: Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie

The Long 11 year debate was about to be answered as two of the most influential figures in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu made their return in the much anticipate rematch. The intensity in the crowd was nothing short of electrifying with one half rooting for the 10th planet general and the other half supporting the legendary Gracie champion. Both men showcased an awesome display of technique and heart which is something everyone in attendance appreciated.

The match started off quickly with Bravo pulling half guard as Gracie used supreme smash pressure looking for the pass. With a brief intermission exchanging in this position Bravo was able to execute his signature electric chair sweep finish landing in top control as the match advances past the 10 minute mark. Progressing forward Bravo attacks his opponent with a neck crank nevertheless with a never say die attitude Gracie was able to escape placing himself back in top position on Bravo. Back and forth action from both competitors saw them going from top to bottom several times. The ending stage of the long-awaited encounter found Bravo putting Royler in danger of a vicious calf slicer from the truck position. Gutting it out Gracie was determined to not be submitted by his adversary as he was able to withstand the pain working an angle to escape the hold as the cranking and tearing of his knee could be heard throughout the arena as the match ended with a buzzer, wrapping up their long-awaited match in a draw, which received a standing ovation from those in attendance.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie – DRAW