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Bellator 114 Main Card Results: Alexander Chokes out Ward to Retain

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The main card of Bellator 114 was one rich with significance for two divisions.

First, one half of the season 10 middleweight tournament took place as Kendall Grove battled Brennan Ward to move one step closer to the winner of the night’s main event.

The next two bouts on the card were the semi-finals of the featherweight tournament. Desmond Green battled Will Martinez while Daniel Weichel took on Matt Bessette.

The main event of the night was a middleweight title fight between champion Alexander Shlemenko and Brennan Ward.

This is a live post and will update as results become available.

Bellator Middleweight Tournament Semifinal:

Kendall Grove (19-13) vs. Brett Cooper (19-9)

Round 1: Cooper lands a leg kick but his taken down by the longer limbed Grove immediately, Brett punches while Kendall is on his back but Grove slips his hooks in and fights for a rear naked choke. Grove gives up on the choke and lands punches while on Brett’s back, and Cooper answers with backward punches.Kendall sinks in a body triangle, and works for a choke once more but can’t get his arms under Cooper’s chin. Grove postures up on Brett and lands bombs from behind and Big John takes a closer look and comes close to calling the fight off but the round ends.

Round 2: Cooper lands a nice uppercut, but Kendall pressures Brett against the cage, Cooper circles out eats a hard left jab by Grove. Kendall lands a nice knee to the body, Cooper answers with a jab then lands an exploding uppercut and pushes Kendall against the cage. Brett is landing a lead uppercut to get inside of Grove, who lands a knee but eats a hard right and Da Spyda goes down and  Cooper made like nest of angry hornets and swarmed with hard rights and lefts on the ground and knocked Grove unconscious on the ground.

Official Decision: Brett Cooper defeats Kendall Grove via KO at 3:43 of Round 2.

Bellator Featherweight Tournament Semifinal:

Desmond Green (10-2) vs. Will Martinez (9-2-1)

Round 1: Martinez lands an early inside leg kick, Green lands a leg kick of his own and they circle. Will lands another leg kick and another then three straight right hands forcing Des to shoot and he takes Will down but not for long. Des lands a right and catches a left from Will with his hand and launches a hard right jab. Green lands a hard left, both land counter rights. Will lands two more rights, and Des takes him down and lands body punches till the round ends.

Round 2: Des lands a leg kick to begin the round, Will lands a right and Green immediately goes for Will’s back standing. Des lands thigh knees from the back then slams Martinez hard to the mat. Des stays in Will’s guard and lands strikes from the top and smothers Will on the mat and Martinez lands small shots from the bottom and Green postures and lands one more right before the round ends.

Round 3: Des lands a hard left to Martinez while his back is to the cage, Green lands a left then a hard right that wobbles Will backwards. But he regains his balance and fights back forward. They both exchange light leg kicks, then Green lands a right, left, combo. Then another right to Martinez’s dome, but Will answers with a right of his own and then Des lands a left and shoots but fails on a takedown attempt. But succeeds in a second harder take down that announcer Jimmy Smith thinks may have sealed the fight for him.

Official Decision: Desmond Green defeats Will Martinez via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Bellator Featherweight Tournament Semifinal:

Daniel Weichel (32-8) vs. Matt Bessette (13-4)

Round 1: The two feathers circle and Daniel trips Matt early, and Weichel enters Bessette’s guard. Daniel stands and lays some heavy leather on Matt, then enters his guard again, he stands up once more and punches down on Bessette and repeats his process. Then they stand up and Weichal lands some knees in a clinch and backs off for some punches and ends the round.

Round 2: A stat shows that Daniel has landed 13 power strikes to Matt’s 0. Weichel lands a nice knee to the face, and Bessette throws a high kick but is caught and thrown to the ground. He gets back up and Daniel punches him to the body, and a right to the head and follows with another. Bessette lands a right and misses a front kick, then throws a thigh kick that is caught and Weichel misses a whurring right hook. Daniel scores a takedown but Matt immediately gets back up and lands a leg kick, and that ends round 2.

Round 3: Both fighters come out respecting the others strikes, Bessette falls back and Daniel enters his guard and lands a series of lefts to Matt’s face. Basically Daniel stays on top for the next 3 minutes and doesn’t let Bessette up, completly controlling round from Weichel. Who utilizes small amounts of ground and pound then sweeps and lands knees to the body and punches to the head to end the round.

Official Decision: Daniel Weichel defeats Matt Bessette via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Bellator Middleweight World Title Fight: 
Brennan Ward (9-1) vs. Alexander Shlemenko (47-9)

Round 1: Alexander misses a right cross, and Brennan lands a knee to the body and a nice left hook but eats a Shlemenko uppercut to the body. Then Alexander lands a left to the head and Ward tries a takedown but fails so he presses Alexander against the fence and lands an accidental low blow by a knee. Brennan lands a knee then takes Alex’s back standing and they fall against the cage. Ward lands shots from the back to the side of Shlemenko’s head, and the ref stands them up and Brennan lands a left and takes Alex’s back and gets his hooks sunk in for a minute and then the bell to end round 1 sounds.

Round 2: Alexander lands a body kick and a body knee, then a body uppercut and another knee. Ward shoots but Alexander sinks a standing gulliotine in and Brennan taps immediately.

Official Decision: Alexander Shlemenko defeats Brennan Ward via submission (guillotine) at 1:22 of Round 2.






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