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Tyler Stinson Plans on Knocking Out Josh Burkman at World Series of Fighting 9

Photo via the World Series of Fighting's Facebook

Tyler Stinson is not one for gameplans.

When asked by SciFighting.com what his plan was for his upcoming bout with Josh Burkman, Stinson kept it very simple. “I’ll tell you the gameplan every fight,” Stinson said. “It’s to knock the guy out. It’s pretty basic in my methods, you know? We don’t really have gameplans, at least for me, it’s more of a loose structure of a gameplan. The gameplan is just to hit him in the face really really hard.”

Stinson faces Burkman this Saturday at World Series of Fighting 9. Stinson versus Burkman will take place on the night’s main card which airs at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on the NBC Sports Network. The fight will be Stinson’s second under the World Series of Fighting banner. His first was a third round TKO victory over Valdir Araujo at World Series of Fighting 8.

According to Stinson, preparation for this bout went as well as he could have planned it. “Training camp went great, Stinson said. “I took maybe a week off after my last fight so I really didn’t lose any cardio, strength, or timing. We basically picked up where we left off. My best stuff will take out anybody if I do it right.”

Part of why Stinson’s preparation went so well may lie in the quality of opponent he is facing. “It’s awesome,” Stinson admitted after being asked what it’s like to face a quality opponent like Burkman. “This is what I needed. I’ve been doing this for 8 years and that’s a long time to do any sport professionally. I just don’t need to be wasting my time on small shows against small opponents. I need to fight for the World Series of Fighting. I need to fight Josh Burkman, Steve Carl, Rousimar Palhares. When I signed with this company I told them that I want to fight the best guys out there.”

Also, Stinson feels that his recent success and great training camp is in part due to his top notch coaching staff. “I’m here at Grudge Training Center and I’ve got great coaches like Trevor Wittman and Jake Ramos,’ Said Stinson. “They didn’t change anything in my game but one thing. It’s not something that I’ll give away.  It’s just from one small minor fix and I’ve been running through people ever since. ”

As far as Burkman’s Skillset, there isn’t much that concerns Stinson, but there is one intangible of Burkman’s that he does believe could come into play. “It’s his experience,” Stinson said. “He’s been fighting a little longer than I have. His experience may help him out a little bit, but it’s not like I haven’t fought big names before.”

Even though Stinson has his sights set on Burkman, he may not face off with the UFC veteran come Saturday night. The night’s Welterweight Title main event between Steve Carl and Rousimar Palhares hinges on Palhares passing a surprise drug test that he took earlier in the week. Should Palhares fail the test, Stinson will take his place and challenge Carl for the title. At the time of this interview, Stinson was unsure of Palhares’ status. “I haven’t heard anything,” Stinson Said. “I read that we might not find out until after weigh-ins. Either Thursday or Friday, we’ll find out.”

If Palhares fails his test, Stinson will face a familiar foe in Carl. The two fought in 2010 where Carl was victorious via first round technical submission. For Stinson, it’s a rematch he’s been looking forward, but has taken on an entirely different meaning. “I want that rematch pretty bad,” Stinson admitted. “It’s a little different story now because Steve and I are friends. When we fought we weren’t friends, we had met each other a few times, but that’s it. Now, years have gone by, we’ve stayed in touch and seen each other at different shows. Steve, Justin Gaethje, Nick Newell, and myself  were actually all out partying together. In my mind, the best 170ers and 155ers World Series of Fighting has and we were all out partying.”

Should Palhares pass his test, Stinson knows who he’ll be rooting for in the main event. “I really want Steve to beat Palhares,” Stinson said. “I’m rooting for him because one he’s my friend, two he’s beat me before and I want that rematch to be for a title, and three I think he represents our sport a lot better than Palhares.”

World Series of Fighting recently announced that Jon Fitch would receive the next welterweight title shot against the winner of Carl vs. Palhares. According to Stinson, the decision doesn’t bother him that much “Business and fairness rarely see eye to eye,” Stinson said. “Fitch is a very accomplished fighter himself. He’s a huge name and has proven himself to be one of the toughest guys in the UFC. He is a grinder and a tough son of a gun. I don’t really have a problem with him getting a title shot because it’s nothing I can control. All I’m hoping to do is go out there and stop Burkman impressively so they might consider leapfrogging me over Fitch. Nothing against Fitch’s fighting style, but he’s not the most exciting fighter. If I have to fight Fitch to get a title shot, I’ll knock him out too. I don’t really worry about that kind of stuff, I just worry about what I can control. If I handle those things properly all that good stuff like title shots, commercials, and sponsorship will fall into place.”

Even with all of the commotion surrounding this fight, Stinson is still focused on Burkman. As far as his prediction for the fight, there is only one way Stinson sees the bout going. “I’m going to punch him, knee or elbow him wherever he lets me hit him,” Stinson said. “I’m going to open up those targets and he’s not even going to know it. It’s going to end with him either on his back looking up at the lights or face down with a mouth full of canvas.”

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