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Dennis Siver Explains Reasons for Failing his Drug Test

(Dennis Siver, photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Following a UFC 168 win over Manny Gamburyan, Dennis Siver received attention for all the wrong reasons.

Siver failed his post-fight drug test for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a female fertility hormone. This hormone is commonly utilized during steroid cycles to help maintain optimal levels of testosterone in the body. Siver denies any wrong-doing in the statement below besides being given the hormone  by a nutritionist, after his coach had to relinquish coaching duties when he was diagnosed with ‘severe’ cancer.

Here is the full statement courtesy of groundandpound.de.

Today I would like to issue a public statement and give my fans and supporters the opportunity to form their own opinion on how the alleged doping allegations against me came about.

Last fall, my coach Niko Sulenta was diagnosed with severe cancer, which lead to me being on my own during the preparations for a UFC fight for the first time, without me being able to draw on his longstanding care and advice. Niko has always been essential to my weight reduction.

So prior to UFC 168 I had to hire an external personal trainer and nutrionist to support me with making weight. The nutrionist recommended me a new diet method from the US, which had been successfully used by the stars. Thereupon I asked, if I, as a competitive professional athlete, could safely use this supplement. This was confirmed to me. Then I committed the fatal mistake of not making sure through the UFC if individual substances from the supplement could have effects on the drug tests.

I flew to the US and won my fight. I was all the more shocked when the result of the A sample was deemed ’inconclusive’ and I was hoping for the result of the B sample. They found a small component of hCG in my urine sample – a minor ingredient of the diet preparation and a substance which is banned in the UFC.

I do not want to blame anyone for this result and I take full responsibility for my gullible and careless behavior. It was my mistake and it was grossly negligent. But I distance myself from any kind of doping. In my previous sixteen UFC fights, not even the smallest banned substance has been detected. This makes the current events all the more disappointing and shocking for me and my team.

Signed: Dennis Siver“


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