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Dutch Hard Sparring: K-1 Champion Murthel Groenhart


In this video, Murthel Groenhart (2012 K-1 World Max Tournament Champion) is sparring at the legendary “Mike’s Gym” in Holland. The Dutch is notorious for their hard sparring session, and this video is an excellent depiction of that intensity.

The footage captures Murthel Groenhart sparring with his little brother Fernando Groenhart. Both are professionals, and Murthel is highly ranked. It’s interesting to think about the different styles of sparring between camps and styles — Thai’s are generally known more for their “light and technical” sessions (because they fight so often).

The Dutch promote hard sparring, and emphasize attack & defend styles. For a clearer video of “Dutch Style Sparring”, go to this link. *Note: this level of sparring is usually limited to professionals who are very conditioned. They know various ways to better take punishment. Most coaches, worldwide, would not advocate or allow this intensity between people out of active competition.