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Will Martinez: “I Feel Like I Am at My Best Right Now”

(Credit: Dave Mandel/Bellator MMA)

Will Martinez has shown great promise in the Bellator ring this season, defeating Goiti Yomachi (16-2) at Bellator 110 via unanimous decision. This win granted him a spot against Desmond ‘The Predator’ Green in the semi-finals of the Bellator season ten featherweight tournament.

Will Martinez has a solid record of 9-2-1 and 5 undefeated fights in the Bellator cage with seven straight wins reaching back to 2010. Although he was slated as the underdog against Yomachi he came out on top with his excellent display of skill and perseverance, “for this last fight, no one knew who I was, no one ever heard of me till after I beat up Yomichi.”

When asked how it felt getting in the cage against someone with almost double the fights and a stellar record, Martinez’s response was simple, “at our school we say records are for DJs, we attack like sharks that’s the game plan sometimes it works to our advantage sometimes it doesn’t, those are variables of fighting. We don’t focus on what he has done but what we have to do”.

Martinez resides in Philadelphia, PA and in early 2011, Martinez opened his own Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts and muay thai school, Martinez Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Philadelphia. He spoke about his roots in mixed martial arts “I grew up in north philly badlands, you had to fight every day to survive I was accustomed to fighting.

Martinez’s curiosity got the best of him shen it came to delving in to the world of MMA. “One day a friend of mine said I am going to this karate thing, and I was like, I don’t want to do karate and he said nah [sic] man we are doing triangles today, so I decided to check it out. I met my first instructor Black belt in ju-jitsu, I got hooked, started doing grappling tournaments and that was the gist of it. Once I became a blue belt I felt hungry and one of the promotions came up and said, ‘hey you want to fight’ and I was like, ‘ok let’s do it’, that’s how I came to be”

On Friday, March 28, Will Martinez will be in the Bellator cage taking on Desmond Green (10-2). Whichever fighter comes out victorious will face the winner of Daniel Weichel vs. Matt Bessette in the finals of the Bellator season 10 featherweight tournament.

Will Martinez’s final thoughts on his upcoming bout, “I’ve been training this hard for a long time, and I train with a lot of top level guys and this is the next step in my career right now…I feel like I am at my best right now. That’s going to be hard for Des Green to stop”.


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