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Striking Tips From Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell Overhand and Livershot


Chuck Liddell was one of the greatest champions in the UFC — a superstar that propelled the UFC to new heights when they needed one.

In this video, with Glover Teixeira, he demonstrates the livershot and overhand right. When Liddell throws the livershot, he doesn’t like to fully commit to leaving his upperbody leaned onto the side. In his opinion, staying mobile is critical to staying safe. It’s also important to note that it’s more of an “upperhook” — combining uppercut and a hook to the liver.

Then he demonstrates his version of the overhand — akin to throwing a baseball. Another aspect to the overhand is that it’s a one-way punch, “there’s no stopping it.” It’s important not to keep the arm too straight to the point where it could hyperextend on impact.

In MMA, since the initial motions of the overhand right simulates a takedown attempt, it can be a great feint as a wrestler. This is also why many great wrestlers also have a great overhand (Chuck Liddell was a wrestler as well), examples include Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Urijah Faber, Chad Mendez, Tyron Woodley, Josh Koscheck.

Another way to feint the overhand is by going for a right straight body-shot, or a right-straight. Though this punch is looping and can be disrupted by a good jabber, it’s a great weapon to have under the arsenal. In MMA, it’s been shown time and again that it works even at the highest level.

In kickboxing, Zambidis repeatedly lands this shot on various opponents, and Andre Dida almost finished Buakaw with it. A trademark thing that Liddell would do is test his opponent with his straight right. If the opponent leans back (without the shoulder-roll), then he’s going to throw the overhand. This is how Roy Nelson finished one of his opponents (possibly Cheick Kongo or more likely Dave Herman).