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Where Will “The Young Assassin” Land?

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Arguably one of the most exciting fighters in the sport of MMA, Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard, was recently cut by the mecca of mixed martial arts, the UFC.

A 9-year marriage with the organization where the hard-hitting lightweight went 12-9-1 including 8 knockout victories has now been divorced.

But a new suitor is sure to come along shortly. But whom?

It’s not like the former New Orleans native is lacking any options. Since his first fight in the UFC in 2005, the sport has more than evolved and there are more than a handful of big name promotions that would salivate at the thought of an addition of a name, accompanied with talent and a following, at the caliber that Guillard is at.

Let’s first take a look at WSOF, this organization boasts former UFC lightweights, Tyson Griffin (16-7) and Jacob Volkmann (16-5) both of which would provide a nice matchup for Guillard. However the name on their roster that catches my eye the most is Dan Lauzon (17-5), younger brother of Joe Lauzon (23-9) who made The Young Assassin tap out to a rear naked choke in under a minute in 2011. Could Melvin find revenge in the form of a raucous KO on the little brother? Or would Dan make like his brother and force Guillard to “say uncle” once more? If nothing else, at least there is some organic animosity behind the bout.

Then there’s One FC where no big names stand out other than Shinya Aoki (34-6-1) who could provide a world of troubles for Melvin as roughly 70% of his losses have come from submission and consequently about 70% of Aoki’s wins have come by the same method.

How about Ressurection Fighting Alliance? Joe “Daddy” Stevenson (31-15) is listed on their roster and holds a victory over Melvin by guillotine in under 30 seconds. It would be interesting to see a rematch even though Joe hasn’t fought in 2 years. Or the guy Joe lost to last, Dakota Cochrane (16-5), would be a nice fight as well. Dakota recently dispatched UFC vet Efrain Escudero (21-8)  by unanimous decsion  and holds another decision victory over Jamie Varner (21-9) who defeated Guillard by split.

Maybe Melvin wants to stay closer to his home in Houston, an area that also houses the Legacy Fighting Championship promotion where Guillard would provide a fun matchup with Cosmo Alexandre (6-1) a Blackzillian standout that has mostly knockouts on his resume. Gilbert Burns who’s (6-0) with all 6 victories coming by stoppage, would also be able to welcome Guillard in with a challenge.

The main two prospects of signing the recent free agent in my mind are Titan FC who has a large amount of talent after that talent completes their respective stints in the UFC, or there’s Bellator which is widely considered as being one step under the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Right away an amazing fight between Guillard and Titan FC standout Mike Ricci (9-4) could be made. Ricci just recently dropped out of a fight with UFC vet George Sotiropolis (14-6) and if Mike is healthy in time, and The Young Assassin would be signed, a spectacle between the two could ensue.

Then there’s the toughest tournament in sports, Bellator. Where just last night the lightweight tournament began, however a very big name lost that would put on a barn burner between himself and Guillard and that’s Dave “Caveman” Rickels (15-3). Another eye catching fight would be against Rich “No Love” Clementi who holds a victory over Melvin way back at UFC 79 and I’m sure the love loss is little to none still, this fight could even be turned into a tournament qualifier it seems. Melvin would have to utilize his manager’s brother Abraham Kawa as a mouthpiece for contractual agreements there however.

Wherever Melvin ,who also holds 5 post fight award and the record for most TKO’s/KO’s in the UFC Lightweight division (8),  lands will be a treat for the promotion and most importantly the fans.


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