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Pat Barry Saves Woman Trapped In Her Hotel Room

(UFC Veteran Pat Barry weighs in for UFC on Fox, 2012)

Perhaps its not surprising anymore — MMA fighters are involved in awesome stories. For example, Guy Mezger saved a woman from a knife-wielder, James McSweeney stopped a knife wielding thief in vegas. Another MMA fighter got himself out of a mugging 2 years back. Jon Jones subdued a robber hours before his title fight. UFC fighter Reza Madadi saved a toddler and his dad from drowning. Nick Ring stopped a group beating from going further. Another group of mixed martial artists stopped a robbery from happening. You get the point.

Mixed martial artists, or general combat sport athletes are often great people. Many do leave their aggression in the ring and use their skills responsibly. Yet another hero was added to this long list yesterday: Pat Barry saved a trapped woman in her hotel bathroom. He heard noises down the hallway and thought it was a cat. But curiosity got him to inspect further, and he heard a woman screaming help.

His instincts kicked in and he blasted through the door with a kick. Upon realizing that it’s just a woman being trapped instead of her life being in immediate danger, he waited for the professionals to arrive. But then the professionals couldn’t get the door open, so again, his great kicking skills came into play.

Here’s the words from the hero himself:

Pat Barry

As you can see, even heroic moments come with certain regrets.