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Bellator 113 Results: Emmanuel Newton Claims Unified Light Heavyweight Title

(Photo Courtesy of Bellator MMA)

The main event of Bellator 113 was a light heavyweight championship bout between Attila Vegh and Emanuel Newton. This is a rematch 2012 Summer Series bout in which Vegh won via split decision. The loss against Vegh was Newton’s lone loss in his previous 11 bouts.

This is a live post and will update when results become available.

Main Card (Spike TV) 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT:

Light Heavyweight World Title Unification:

Attila Vegh (29-4) vs. Emanuel Newton (22-7)

Round 1: Both come out and tentatively circle each other, Newton misses a spinning back kick but lands a small leg kick. Emmanel switches stances and misses another back kick, but Attila comes forward and lands a few punches before he backs off. They circle once more and Attila lands a knee, Newton switches back to orthodox. Vegh lands a hard short right hand against the cage. Newton lands another light leg kick, and another then switches stances then switches back after missing a third spinning back kick. Emmanuel lands two more leg kicks and lands a right hand, Vegh answers with a kick to the body, but Newton pressures Attila to the fence and the bell ends the first round.

Round 2: Newton comes out and toggles between stances once more, he then throws a right jab that lands then switches stances and misses a spinning back fist. Emmanuel lands another leg kick and misses a right hand, Vegh lands a left jab and starts checking leg kicks. Newton presses Vegh against the cage and lands a low-blowing knee, ref seperates them for a second but Vegh says he’s fine. Newton fights for a quick takedown then presses Attila against the cage and the fighters seperate. Newton misses an overhand right and another, Vegh answers with a clubbing right and the announcers make not that Emmanuel has landed strikes 2-1 over Vegh. Attila answers the stat with an uppercut but Newton walks through it and presses Vegh against the cage once more. The break and both throw missing potential fight ending bombs only to hear the 2nd round bell sound.

Round 3: Newton lands a leg kick first and a hemotoma is visible on Vegh’s upper cheek, Emmanuel lands a body kick. 29-4 kicks landed advantage to Emmanuel, who misses a right-left combo and changes stances again. Newton then lands a leg kick with a nice right hand. Vegh seemingly gun shy while Emmanuel lands a short right. Emmanuel misses an overhand right and Vegh lands a nice uppercut that stuns Newton then Vegh lands a nice straight jab but circles out. Vegh lands a slick body-head-head combo and backs out. Newton misses a left hook and shows blood on the bridge of his nose. Emmanuel pushes Vegh against the cage and fails a takedown attempt. Attila lands a clubbing right jab as Newton breathes through his mouth. The bell sounds as the fighters go to their corners to put on their floatees as they prepare for deep waters.

Round 4: Vegh lands a quick right hand and Newton presses Vegh against the cage but both seperate quickly. 61/165 strikes landed for Newton, 36/74 for Attila Vegh as he jabs Newton again. Emmanuel misses a left-right head kick combo, then presses Vegh against the cage. Vegh backs out and Newton misses a jab and changes stances once more. If they had a stat on how many times Newton has switched stances they should display it. Newton misses a left and is countered by a hard right by Attila. Emmanuel lands a leg kick but misses a high kick, then misses a jab then misses a right jab. Attila fails a takedown attempt and the round ends to boos from fans.

Round 5: Attila comes out to hug newton, fighters hug and then Newton turns up the pace, missing alot of kicks and punches then pushes Vegh to the fence in hopes of a takedown that is dashed and Newton leans on Vegh until Attila circles out. Vegh lands a hard right, then Newton lands a hard right. Emmanuel throws a straight to the body and pushes Attila against the fence and throws short knees then works for a take down but fails and the fighters break up. Newton misses a punch and Vegh fails a takedown. Attila lands a right uppercut but Emmanuel again pushes Vegh against the fence. Newton lands a left jab and body kick, then works for a take down with under a minute remaining, Newton lands a knee against the cage then a seperation and Vegh land an uppercut and the round ends with both fighters putting their hands in the air.

Official Result: Emmanuel Newton defeats Attila Vegh via Split Decision (49-47, 49-46, 47-48)


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