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Bellator 113 Preliminary Card Results Including a GIF of the Devastating Derek Anderson KO

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The tenth season of Bellator rolls on with Bellator 113. This event hosts the opening round of the Bellator season ten lightweight tournament opening round. The first fight of the tournament serves as the featured preliminary bout as Brandon Girtz takes on Derek Anderson.

A heavyweight bout between Maurice Jackson and Daniel Gallemore was scheduled for the preliminary card but Jackson was injured the day of the fight and their bout was cancelled.

This is a live stream and will update as results become available.

Preliminary Card (Spike.com) 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT:

Marcio Navarro (9-9) vs. Bobby Cooper (8-4)

Round 1: Navarro tests his standup against Cooper who keeps his hands low throughout the first 2 minutes of the round and eats a nasty leg kick then starts to utilize the leg kicks more. The story of the first round was basically Navarro landing his leg kicks and Cooper landing punches.

Round 2: Cooper leads with his left jab to open up his combinations, Cooper keeps leading then begins to land kicks. Marcio then makes Bobby eating a leg kick only to eat Cooper’s jab over and again and blood comes from MArcio’s nose. Navarro threatens Cooper against the cage but Bobby is landing more. Cooper is thrown to the ground but regains his balance fast enough so Navarro couldn’t take advantage. Cooper boxes more and lands clean uppercuts to the gut of Navarro and nice counters to Marcio’s face to end the round.

Round 3: Marcio comes in wild and misses only to eat more punches by Cooper, Navarro then lands a leg kick followed by a left hook that momentarily wobbles Cooper but he rebound into more boxing. Cooper keeps circling Marcio and lands almost at will, Navarro slaps his hands to his face and yells “C’mon” while being nothing but a punching bag. Marcio eats 1-2 left-rights for the remainder of the fight.

Official Result:  Bobby Cooper defeats Marcio Navarro via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


Daniel Gallemore (2-2) vs. Frederick Brown (4-0)

Round 1: Daniel comes in with a hard leg kick but Brown drives him harder into the fence right after, Gallemore instantly reverses position and lands short knees from the clinch to Frederick. Daniel jumps for a high knee but loses his footing and Brown puts him into his guard and lands ground and pound. Daniel tries to get up but Brown jumps for a rear naked choke and fails and the fighters fall to the mat but quickly get back up. Gallemore lands a nasty elbow on the cage and Brown’s eyes go back as he is wobbles and Gallemore lands huge punches at will, Frederick’s legs turn into macaroni as announcer Jimmy Smith yells to the ref to stop the fight. The fight continues with Frederick weakly waving his arms in what the referee appeared to believe was “intelligent defense” after a few more blows the ref mercifully stops the fight.

Official Result: Daniel Gallemore defeats Frederick Brown via TKO 3:34 of Round 1

Donnie Bell (8-2) vs. Eric Wisely (21-9)

Round 1: Wisely misses a high kick and Bell immediately enters Eric’s guard. Donnie muscles Eric along the mat to the fence, Donnie lands nice ground and pound. Wisely sweeps and both fighters are back standing, Eric misses a right and Donnie quickly powers Wisely back to the mat. Body, body, head from Bell to Eric, who locks a body lock from the bottom, but both fighters are stood up shortly after. Wisely throws a spinning back kick which is caught by Donnie and takes him down for the third time to end the round.

Round 2: Wisely lands a few leg kicks but Donnie again shoots and takes Eric down. Donnie pot shots and Eric throws little from the bottom and neither attempt to further position and the ref stands them up once more. Wisely lands leg kicks and lefts to the body and rights to the head for the remainder of the round and Donnie is showing signs of alot of steam loss, he shoots twice and can’t secure a takedown.

Round 3: Wisely lands more standing strikes and Bell complains about a groin strike that the ref denies happens and the fight continues. Bell can’t seem to find his range and Eric continues to take the advantage standing. Bell’s strikes catch more air than Shaun White, but out of nowhere Bell jumps on Wisely’s back and attempts a rear naked choke but to no avail, then both fighters stand back up. Wisely lands a spinning back fist to Donnie who is either wobbled by the strike itself or the culmination of them all and the round ends.

Official Result:  Eric Wisely defeats Donnie Bell via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Israel Giron (17-3) vs. Cody Carrillo (4-7)

Round 1: Giron comes out and looks extremely light on his feet, they both land light punches and kicks and Isreal works for the takedown but both aren’t down for long. Carrillo circles and Giron lands leg kicks, Giron slips but Cody does not pounce, Giron shoots but is denied the takedown. Cody lands a nice leg kick and Giron starts breathing heavy early. Israel lands a nice overhand right to finish the round.

Round 2: Giron comes out and again fails a takedown, Israel lands a nice overhand left and they both continue circling. Giron slips again and again Cody doesn’t pounce, Israel scores a takedown but Cody gets up quickly once more. Giron lands a nice right hand, Carrillo lands a leg kick then a jab but Israel Counter jabs him back. Israel lands a nice head kick then trips Cody and secures half guard over Cody. They both standup and have a short flurry to end the round.

Round 3: A stat is shown that Giron has outstruck Carrillo 49-19, Cody lands a leg kick and Israel misses a wild flurry. Giron then lands a leg kick on Cody who then lands a short right which brings the crowd alive. Giron attempts a takedown, fails, but lands a great right hand. Giron then lands a very nice left, then a looping right upper cut scores, Carrillo then lands a straight right. Giron fails a takedown then lands a right, then a push kick followed by a successful takedown that ends the fight.

Official Result: Israel Giron defeats Cody Carrillo via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bellator Lightweight Tournament Opening Round:
Brandon Girtz (10-3) vs. Derek Anderson (10-0)

Round 1: Girtz with a wild flurry then takes down Derek early but he’s right back to his feet. Fighters circle and Derek tries to establish the jab early, Derek uses his height and won’t let Brandon inside. Girtz then explodes and takes Derek down fast, Girtz gets a kimura but Derek counters and they both get back to their feet. Girtz tkaes Anderson down again and attempts a keylock and loses position and Derek lands on top to end the round.

Round 2: Girtz shoots fast but is met even quicker by a counter knee from Anderson and whammy Girtz is knocked out cold for a picture perfect knockout. “That would”ve knocked out a rhino.” says announcer Jimmy Smith, Girtz goes to his corner to ask what happened.

Official Result: Derek Anderson defeats Brandon Girtz via Knockout at :23 of Round 2

See the insane KO here from gfycat.com :


Maurice Jackson (2-1) vs. Daniel Gallemore (2-2)*

*Maurice Jackson was injured the day of the fight, Daniel Gallemore will now fight Frederick Brown (4-0)

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