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‘Pitbull’ Plans to Finish ‘Caveman’ Fast this Friday at Bellator 113

(Photo Courtesy via Sherdog.com)

Bellator 113 is sure to put on a show being that Patricky “Pitbull” Freire (11-5) will be competing against David “The Caveman” Rickels (15-2) in the Bellator season 10 lightweight tournament quarterfinals this Friday, March 21st on SPIKE TV from the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, KS. The event takes place in Rickels home state of Kansas, where he will have inherent support.

Scifighting spoke Paticky “Pitbull” and get his take on the upcoming fight with Rickels and advancing past him to earn a title shot.

He began by discussing his fight camp leading up to this bout (via his translator): “I returned to my old training, my old friends, and my old training partners to try and do again what I did in 2011, So first of all I felt really good in the training camp, very strong, very happy. [I’m] Very happy with my training partners and, I am feeling really good, whatever happens is going to be a consequence of what I did but I am very confident”. He stated that his return to his previous training camp has been helpful “Yeah I was trying to go back to the fighter I was. [There is] nothing better than going back to the place I learned everything, kick for the first time, punch, throw flying knees.

Scifighting:  He is the hometown favorite, how does that effect you and your performance, not having the support that he does going in?”

Pitbull: “The only thing I am worried about is that the commission favors him in case we go to decision, he’s the hometown guy he is an American, I don’t want this fight to go to decision because it has happened to me before and I don’t want to experience this again.” Freire was referring to the Bellator bout in 2013 were he faced Derek Anderson. Despite clearly winning the first round, Freire lost the fight via unanimous decision.

Scifighitng: Are you confident it wont go to decision based on your experiences, your opponent seems to expressed a game plan to wear you down and take away your knockout, do you have a counter plan, so it doesn’t go to decision?

Pitbull: “My counter plan is to finish him fast. He is thinking I am going to get tired, if hes thinking im going to tire, I am more prepared to fight three rounds. My plan is to finish him fast but if he wants to fight three rounds I will be ready”

Patricky had changed his style for his last fight and seems to be returning back to his roots for this one, when asked how he has evolved as a fighter, Pitbull stated, “every day that goes by I try to learn more about MMA about the new techniques the new trainings. Trying to improve where I am weak and become a complete fighter, I focus on improving my mistakes and evolve as a fighter”

SciFighting: How will he feel if he gets the win in Rickles hometown?

Pitbull: “I will be very happy because not only will I be winning against a tough opponent I will also have a chance of beating him in front of his hometown. In the end it doesn’t really matter what is to get the win, if it’s in front of his hometown it doesn’t matter. What matters is to get the win”

This fight will be fought between two great competitors both putting it all in the cage for a win and to take a step towards the lightweight tournament finals and a shot at Bellator gold.

Pitbull finished with reassurance that he isn’t just adding content and embellishing for an interview but instead that he means what he said, adding to the anticipation behind this bout, “Everything I try to do all the interviews I make I try to show everything, the most of me, I really like your questions and everything I said was real, I don’t like to make things up talk shit or just blabbing [sic], Everything I do I mean that I say, and how I train and as a fighter I want everyone to see I like to finish my opponents, be it knockout or submission”


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