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Tyron Woodley on Nick Diaz: “If They Give Him the Title Shot, I’ll be Very Furious”

Picture via mmasucka.com

To get his UFC 171 match with Carlos Condit, Tyron Woodley badgered UFC President Dana White until he gave in. Following last weekend’s victory over the former UFC welterweight champion, Woodley feels that receiving a title shot goes without saying.

Woodley stopped Condit at the two-minute mark of their co-headlining bout when Condit’s knee gave out. Speculation surrounds the victory as critics say a health Condit would have won the bout. Woodley, however, believes the fights was his all along.

“I think that the good stories always make the front page,” Woodley said on his visit to The MMA Hour Monday. “People fail to realize that it was seven minutes into the fight; I was winning the fight. I won the first round, I was winning the first two minutes of the second round, and I had no intention of slowing down the pace.”

The biggest win of Woodley’s career came on the same night that Johny Hendricks defending his welterweight belt against Robbie Lawler. Despite Rory MacDonald’s higher placement in the UFC rankings and notions that Nate Diaz would return from a short-lived retirement to fight Hendricks, Woodley still believes that there is no question as to who deserves the next crack.

“So how does (Diaz) come in after he lost to Carlos Condit, which he has the chance to redeem his loss; he didn’t take it,” Woodley said. “He’s sitting ringside taunting Johny, I just don’t think on merit alone, I don’t think he deserves it. I think he lacks integrity and I think he lacks merit, and if they give him the title shot, I’ll be very furious with it.”

Hendricks tore his bicep at UFC 171 and he won’t continue training for at least two months. In the meantime, Woodley will make his case to everyone except White. He and Hendricks have history as they competed in wrestling matches when both attended Big 12 colleges. Whether it helps Woodley’s case remains to be seen, but it may not be enough when considering the talent-heavy welterweight division.

Woodley is in the middle of a line of challengers waiting for Hendricks to return. A victory over Condit goes a long way, but not far enough to overlook MacDonald and Diaz’s UFC track record. Social media helped Woodley get a fight with Condit and, despite his best efforts, it may be the only way to make Hendricks his next opponent.

“I will be the world champion; I will be the best in the world,” Woodley said. “If they give the title shot, they should, it’s the right move, if they don’t, I won’t cry over spilled milk.”