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Team Alpha Male Looking For a New Head Coach – Duane Ludwig Out?

Photo via Fightnext.com

Announced on Team Alpha Male’s website just today, they are now looking for a new head coach — the positioning is to be filled at a date no later than May 24th. The head coach was formerly Duane “Bang” Ludwig, who was widely credited for Alpha Male’s win streaks and success.

On twitter, Ludwig retweeted the tweet of Team Alpha Male’s account:

The departure of Ludwig from Team Alpha Male appears abrupt — keep in mind that Chad Mendez is still on the uprise (not far away from a title shot) and TJ Dillashaw just put on a master class kickboxing clinic against Mike Easton.

A new coach will bring on heaps of change to the team — they’ve been following the “Bang Muay Thai” training system and drills. And incase you forgot, he was named “Coach of the Year” by World MMA Awards and Team Alpha Male was named “Gym of the Year.”

What could it be? Is it possible that Ludwig feels the fire to fight again, and will be focusing more on his efforts to compete? After all, he fell into the role of a head coach only after his injury. Or could it be a fall out between the team and the coach? Is he still part of the team or is Ludwig out for good? Or was as an opportunity he couldn’t refuse? There’s a lot of of possibilities, but all is speculation for now.

Edit: On UFC Tonight, Ariel Helwani confirmed with Urijah Faber — Team Alpha Male’s leader — that Ludwig is indeed leaving and the split was amicable.

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