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Johny Hendricks: Wanted More Takedowns, But “Couldn’t” Get It


When asked about the bout, Hendricks said that he saw it 2-2 going into the 5th round. “Obviously Robbie had several change ups, I didn’t adapt fast enough to change the outcome of the 3rd and 4th round…”

When asked about the takedown: “I was going to do a little bit more takedowns, certain things happened where I couldn’t. It is what it is, and thats when I knew I had to change my game plan. Instead of focusing on the takedowns, where I was leaving myself open, I decided punch more and land more shots.”

Now, we know that the welterweight champion tore his biceps, and is undergoing a surgery and requiring 4 weeks of rest and at least 4 weeks of rehabilitation. This is yet another testament to the gritty wrestler — the “never give up attitude”– leaving it all out there.

Hendricks injured his bicep two weeks prior to the fight, and considered pulling out. During the first round, he heard it “pop”, and on top of that, he suffered a hairline fracture on his shinbone in the first round. The bicep is a major pulling muscle — it’s important for retracting a punch, holding a tighter guard, clinching, and establishing a takedown.

It’s bizarre to about how much fighters are willing to sacrifice and put themselves through in order to capture a world title. Some are willing to put it all on the line, and this is one of the cases. But instead of wilting against odds — Hendricks went on to prevail — creating the most significant moment of his career.

On Monday, Hendricks told MMA Hour “We thought about it (pulling out)… but the world championship meant a lot more.”

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