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Tyron Woodley is Not Happy with Joe Rogan’s UFC 171 Commentary

Photo via BleacherReport.com

Tyron Woodley is less than happy about Joe Rogan’s commentary during his UFC 171 win over Carlos Condit.

Woodley put on the best performance of his career this past weekend, defeating number two ranked welterweight Carlos Condit via second round TKO. The finish was due to an injury sustained by Condit, but it should be noted that Woodley was winning every minute of the fight up to the injury.

Even with the impressive performance, Woodley was the subject to much criticism during the bout.

During the fight Rogan repeatedly referenced how Woodley’s muscled physique and fast start to the fight could be detrimental to him later in the fight. According to Woodley the comments were unfair and completely false.”It’s almost like they’re punishing you for training hard,” Woodley told MMA Mental as transcribed by MMAFighting.”They’re punishing you for being physically fit…My cardio felt great and it was even in my gameplan to increase the level in the third round. I wasn’t even at full speed. People say, ‘He started off hard! He started off in a full sprint!’ I didn’t even start off in a full sprint. If they think that’s a full sprint for me, then I’m happy with it because they haven’t seen a full sprint yet.”

Woodley also felt that Rogan was giving Condit too much credit during their bout. “Everything was, ‘Oh, Tyron threw a hard bomb but Carlos took it. He’s got such a great chin. Oh, Tyron has a takedown. Look at Carlos. He’s doing the mission impossible guard,'” Woodley said. “Everything that I did he was leaning it towards the credit of Carlos Condit.”

At the tail-end of the pay-per-view broadcast, Rogan was asked who should fight next for the welterweight title. He chose to go with Rory MacDonald because Woodley’s bout “ended in an injury.” Woodley is less than happy about the perception around his victory. “I just think it’s hilarious how the fans and some of the media try to diminish a great moment for me, and I just won’t allow it,” Woodley told MMAJunkie.

Woodley’s win puts him right in the thick of the UFC title hunt and according to the fighter, he’s the clear number one contender. “Carlos Condit’s the No. 2 guy in the world. I took him on when nobody else would,” Woodley said. I went out there to win, I was winning the fight, I was going to take it up to the next level, and I just think I should be in line for the next world title shot.”

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