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Bellator 112 Results: Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus

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The main event of Bellator 112 was a rubber match to settle a heated rivalry in the featherweight division as Daniel Straus (22-4) fights Pat Curran (19-5). The last time they met up was Bellator 106 where Straus took the belt from Curran. They will now fight for the third time to hopefully settle the score and to ultimately crown a featherweight champion.

This is a live post and will update as results for this bout become available.

Round 1: Straus, minus his signifying dreads, comes out pressuring first but ate a knee from Curran en-route to a takedown attempt which Pat turns into a clinch along the cage. Pat takes the champ down and pressures from top position while Straus reaches for submission attempts. They both jockey for position as Curran attempts a guillotine then switches to north-south. Both fighters then stand up with Curran clinching Daniel against the fence. Pat fails a takedown and lands in a front choke from Straus who almost had it locked in only to hear the bell and the end of round 1.

Round 2: Straus comes out and lands a right and a kick early then landed a dynamite right to drop Curran momentarily and opened up a cut on the right eye of Pat. Both fighters stand and slap hands respectively. Straus lands a clean body kick however both comabtants remain occupying the center of the cage. Straus will land a shot but Curran will counter punch and this goes on for 2 minutes. Then Curran throws a jump knee which Daniel blocks as the round draws to a close.

Round 3: Curran comes out with another body kick and a few leg kicks to rebound on a Straus miss. Curran lands knees against the cage to Daniel. Straus lands a leg kick to answer a push kick by Pat. Straus lands a good left but is immediately pressured against the cage by Curran. Straus takes Curran down and lands a few shots until the fighters stand again. Pat again presses Daniel against the cage, then as the separation occurs Straus seemingly drops Curran with a clubbing blow to land in Pat’s guard. Curran mildly attempts a gulliotine as the bell sounds and into the championship rounds we go.

Round 4: Both fighters come out swinging hard until Pat subdues Straus once more along the cage. The fighters remain there until Referee Adam Copeland separates them. Curran lands a kick low and Straus refuses the break and the fighters resume their war. Daniel throws a left-right-left combo but Curran remains firm. Curran lands a body kick once more but Straus is un-phased. Currna lands a right then throws a few feints to be answered by a right from Daniel to send the round to a close.

Round 5: The final round begins and Straus pressures Pat against the cage but Curran reverses. Referee separates the fighters due to excessive vasoline on the eye of Curran. Both fighters land clubbing blows and retreat. Straus lands an uppercut as Pat lands a knee to the body. Straus takes a knee and a right combo from Pat then lands a right of his own. Curran then pushes Daniel against the cage once more and utilizes the fence for a takedown then goes straight to Strau’s back, sinks both hooks and goes for the rear naked choke. Daniel gives the “thumbs up” to the ref , allowing Pat to fully commit to the choke and taps Straus in the dying seconds of the fight.

Official Decision: Pat Curran defeats Daniel Straus via Rear Naked Choke at 4:46 of Round 5


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