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K-1 Press Release: Shane Campbell Moves Up In Weight

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The storied organization, K-1, and the most recognized brand in kickboxing, is still developing several standout fighters. One such fighter is Shane Campbell of Canada, who recently won the Canadian K-1 World MAX Qualifier. Campbell then had the opportunity to compete in the famous K-1 World MAX tournament.

K-1 has yet to announce any broadcast deals in North America, where GLORY World Series is building a very strong and healthy fan base on Spike TV.

Press Release

“K-1 Fighter Shane Campbell Announces a Move Up in Weight

BEIJING, March 13, 2014 — After a run in K-1’s 2013 World MAX tournament that landed him in the Final Four, K-1 fighter Shane Campbell has decided to make a move up in weight. Campbell, a Canadian fighter, got the opportunity of a lifetime last year when he was placed in a K-1 World MAX Qualifier fight in Canada, where he made short work of his opponent, which helped to push him into the most prestigious 70kg Kickboxing tournament in the world.

Shane advanced through the Final 16 and Final 8 stages before he made it to the K-1 World MAX Final Four in Azerbaijan where he fought Enriko Kehl in one of the most-anticipated 70kg bouts of the year thus far. The fight delivered in spades, with Kehl and Campbell leaving it all in the ring that night. Campbell, though, feels that he hasn’t been himself in the 70kg MAX weight division. After a lot of reflection, Shane Campbell has decided to instead compete at 75kg.

“I’m moving up because I believe it’s getting to be unhealthy for me to cut to 154lbs (70kg),” Campbell explained. “ Even when I do it perfectly I am still a skeleton when I get there, I am cramping up like crazy. My body is just become too big for that weight class and I don’t enjoy life having to cut that much weight. Fighting is so easy for me, cutting lots of weight is the only stressful aspect around any fight for me. I will most likely be the smaller guy at 75kg (165lbs), but I think that my body will be much happier.”

K-1 plans to crown championships in multiple weight classes throughout 2014, with 75kg being one of them, which puts Campbell in the unique position of not only competing in two different weight classes in K-1, but to be one of the names in contention for the new K-1 75kg Championship. Campbell, though, is more focused on getting back onto a winning path before he starts dreaming of Championships. “Coming off of a loss I’m not thinking about any championships. I need to get back to winning and the rest will fall into place,” Campbell stated.

About K-1

K-1, founded in 1993, is one of the most exciting and prestigious sports brands in the world. The K-1 brand is synonymous with the sport of professional Kickboxing, known across the world for producing some of the most exciting events and memorable tournaments featuring some of the best athletes in the world. K-1 has presented professional live martial arts events in over 38 countries across the world and is one of the most recognizable names in the world of professional martial arts.

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