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Tyron Woodley: Explosive Right Hands Against Josh Koscheck

Technique Breakdown of Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley

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Tyron Woodley is dangerous — he’s an explosive powerhouse wrestler that possesses a big right hand. Watch his youtube highlights and it’s of him landing a series of right-hand bombs.

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Against Josh Koscheck, it was a night of landing his right.

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In this sequence Tyron pumped jabs, changed levels and loaded a right hand to throw over the top of Koscheck’s stiffarm. Neither of these men’s true intent was to jab each other (neither has a sharp jab or left hook): their intention is to land their big right. For the most part, Tyron was stiff and expended a tremendous amount of energy in setting up his right hand, mainly using his explosiveness to close the range.

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Certainly, it works, and he’s got the timing down. In this sequence, Woodley pumped jabs and changed levels to land a rear-uppercut into right overhand. Tyron set this up by attempting to run Koscheck into his range, and while Koscheck tried to shutdown Woodley with stiffarm and pump-jabs, neither did much to negate anything. Look at how much range Woodley covers every time he launches an assault: in this case he nearly covered half of the octagon.

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But instead of marvelling at how Tyron explodes through, covering so much range, note how for the most part, Koscheck either moves straight back or circles towards the right hand [Gif 1 Gif 3: Straight Back] [Gif 2 Circle Towards Right].

Tyron Backed Up

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After landing a big right hand of his own, Koscheck managed to back Tyron up. Where Koscheck failed was off a long left-hook that didn’t have a whole lot of accuracy or power behind it — even worse, it was a one-direction punch that only goes forward with no exit strategy. As a result, it missed Tyron even without much defence and a big right hook returned.

Notice at this point, every punch that Woodley landed was a right hand: right uppercut, right cross, right overhand, right hook.


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To his own demise, Koscheck threw a committed cross that failed to find a target, and eats a right hook in return off Woodley’s slight lean as he loads up his punch.


a) Woodley is capable of many right-hand variations, and his main setup is by exploding forward and covering a lot of range. b) If you back up Woodley, and even if he appears tired, you still have to watch out for his right-hands. c) It’s unlikely Woodley can keep up this type of pace for a long time.

Throughout the fight, Woodley only landed right-hand punches, but note how Koscheck is mainly a right-hand puncher as well.

Overall, Condit is a more well-rounded striker in that he can and will throw variety. While Condit’s been cracked before by hard hitters such as Jake Ellenberger, he also outstruck the powerhouse wrester and puncher: Johny Hendricks. I have no predictions for this one — but anytime it’s experience and volume versus power, fireworks are almost guaranteed.

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