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GLORY 14 Middleweight Tournament Finals Results: Pereira Claims Majority Decision; GLORY Middleweight Tournament Championship

(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)

The finals of the GLORY 14 middleweight tournament were set as Alex Pereira and Sahak Parparyan both advanced to the finals.

The first bout was a close yet determined victory for Parparyan who worked the body of Wilnis to sap his energy and steal an entertaining split decision win to advance to the finals.

In the second semi-final bout, MMA veteran Dustin Jacoby was outstruck by Alex Pereira who followed up on a big punch to absolutely flatten Jacoby in the corner for the one punch knockout, with no 10-count needed to determine him the victor.

Round 1: As GLORY backstage commentator Luke Thomas stated, Parparyan’s semi-final bout left him a bit winded as Pereira had clocked in just two minutes of tournament time before knocking out Jacoby. Pereira was super aggressive and dropped Parparyan. It was a flash knockdown and he was able to get back to his feet but Pereira was ready to close the show. Pereira easily took the first round and would ride his success in to the second.

Round 2: Parparyan was in control of round 2. He close the gap between them nicely and tried to bring Pereira’s energy levels down to size.

Round 3: Pereira was a bit less aggressive than he perhaps should have been after a tight second round. Parparyan wasn’t worried about getting hit at this point and still had significant power loaded up to hurt Pereira. It was an intensely close round with a ton riding on having your hand raised at the end of it.

Official Decision: Alex Pereira defeats Sahak Parparyan via Majority Decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)


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