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UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey Has A Plan For How To Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Could UFC champion Ronda Rousey defeat boxing’s pound-for-pound best fighter?

It’s a hypothetical match that will never happen, but Rousey is suggesting that if it did, she might know how it would go down.

Rousey has a strategy for how she would fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. if she ever had to.

“I’ll tell you what I’d do,” Rousey said. “You ready? I would drop down to the ground and crawl over to him as fast I as I can and then I’d grab him by … I wouldn’t even stand up. I wouldn’t be anywhere near him. I would just do a little army crawl over there. He’d  have to run away and I’d be skittering after him, like the one dude in ‘Bloodsport’ who was doing the whole monkey-crawl fight system. I would do that. I would just bear crawl over there, just too low for him to hit me and tackle him down.”

Rousey made the comments on the air  to Power 106 FM radio station.

The show’s host then asked Rousey if she actually believed she could beat Mayweather if she got into that position.

“Well, I spend a lot of time there. I doubt that he does,” Rousey said.

Rousey, 9-0, has easily defeated every opponent she has faced. She KO’d Sara McMann with a knee to body in February, two months after tapping out Miesha Tate with an armbar in the third round.

Mayweather is regarded as the best boxer in the world. He’s 45-0 and although he doesn’t dominate other fighters with explosive knockouts, he defeats his opponents with counterpunching and an extremely difficult defense.

Although Rousey may joke about defeating one of boxing’s greats, her real dream fight will likely be against Cris Cyborg Justino one day. Cyborg doesn’t fight in the UFC, but such a mega-fight is still a possibility if the Brazilian woman and the UFC can come to terms on a deal.

Mayweather will battle Marcus Maidana on May 3 for the WBA welterweight championship. His biggest payday awaits with Manny Pacquiao, but it is unclear if that fight will ever happen.


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