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CM Punk Mystery Swirls: MMA or WWE?

(CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, photo courtesy CM Punk WWE Universe Facebook page)

CM Punk is professional wrestling’s most enigmatic superstar. In January he walked out of the WWE knowing that he was going to appear at WrestleMania in a high-profile match against Triple H, and with huge popularity behind him.

Punk, who is notoriously reclusive and, some say, conceited and aloof, wasn’t happy with the WWE booking, and just “went home,” back to Chicago.

His abrupt departure raised questions as to whether Punk would jump to MMA and the UFC, following the beast Brock Lesnar into the cage. Punk is friends with MMA guys such as Chael Sonnen and Ariel Helwani. He follows MMA closely and incorporates submission holds into his pro wrestling pool of finishing holds.

At UFC 170, Punk had a front row seat — next to UFC President Dana White, further sparking intrigue as to whether Punk was destined for the Octagon.

Then, last night, the WWE appeared in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, to raucous crowds that MMA live events could only dream of. The “CM Punk” chants were louder than the entrance music and the live interviews. The show even opened with CM Punk’s music and entrance video, only have the portly Paul Heyman walk out. Heyman managed Punk, and now Lesnar, and proceeded to break the news that Punk was not in the arena and that the fans were to blame for his departure.

The truth is no one knows what Punks plans are. Most people believed that Punk would return last night to set up some sort of big match at WrestleMania. His disappointing failure to appear leaves the door open to the possibility that the 35-year-old Punk could get an MMA match.

If James “Lights Out” Toney can get a match against Randy Couture, why couldn’t Punk?

If Herschel Walker can win two MMA fights, why couldn’t Punk?

Punk is a stiff wrestler with training in Jiu-Jitsu, who is tough and intense. Could he compete?

Should CM Punk try a UFC fight? What kind of payday would this bring the UFC and MMA?