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Former UFC Welterweight Champ Matt Hughes Says Georges St-Pierre Wants No Part of Hendricks

(GSP vs. Carlos Condit, photo: Eric Bolte/USA TODAY Sports)

Will Georges St-Pierre ever fight in the Octagon again?

No one knows, but former UFC welterweight champ Matt Hughes has a strong opinion on the matter.

“Georges has made a lot of money,” Hughes said. “Gosh, what’s he got to prove? What’s he want to do? I wasn’t real surprised. I would probably be a little more surprised if he ever came back.

St-Pierre abruptly retired after winning a close decision over Johny Hendricks. The outcome was highly disputed by MMA fans. When the fight was over GSP’s face was battered, cut and beat-up and Hendricks looked like he just returned from an afternoon jog.

Hughes is a UFC Hall of Famer and the UFC vice president of athletic development and government relationships. Hughes made the comments to Canada’s Sportsnet.

Hughes said GSP is not as dominant as he once was.

“People have been catching Georges a little bit, and I’m talking the past three or four years,” said Hughes, as transcribed by MMA Fighting. “People have been catching up to him, to his abilities. He’s at the age where he’s going to start slowing down just a little bit.”

Hughes says Hendricks would beat him more convincingly the next time.

“I don’t think he wants to go in there and face Johny Hendricks again,” Hughes said. “Judging wise, it could have been close. Even though I did have Johny winning, the first round was extremely close. On the ground, Johny Hendricks won. He beat GSP up. In the rounds Georges won, he barely won. So I don’t think he wants to go back in and take another beating like that against Johny Hendricks.”