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Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley Stuns With 30-second KO; Does He Belong In The UFC?

(Photo Courtesy of Paul Daley's Facebook Page)

Former UFC fighter Paul “Semtex” Daley showed his punching power again Saturday night.

Daley destroyed Alexander Stetsurenko in about 30 seconds at Siam Warriors: Revolution on Leeside in Cork, Ireland.

Daley caught Stetsurenko with a left uppercut and knocked him into the middle of next week.

The fight was a kickboxing event. Daley has fought as a kickboxer in the past. With his explosive power in his hands, he is dangerous in the stand-up. Daley has faced his toughest opponents when the fight goes to the ground and fighters are able to manage his power.

With the rise in GLORY kickboxing, Daley may make a run as a kickboxer if he cannot get signed by a major MMA promotion again in the United States.

After the victory, Daley posted on his Facebook page this:

Victory, here in Cork, Ireland. Kickboxing, Knocked out the GLORY No3 ranked Kickboxer in 45secs. F.O.A.M.S. Love you all………..

Daley is a former UFC fighter who was fired after he threw a late punch against Josh Koscheck after the bell. Daley was frustrated because Koscheck countered his punching power by wrestling him and controlling him on the mat.

Koscheck also reportedly said something derogatory to Daley during the fight that set Semtex off.

To make an example out of him, UFC President Dana White fired Daley. Daley went on to work for Strikeforce, where he enjoyed a big win over Scott Smith, but was eventually knocked out by Nick Diaz.

Daley, 34-13, is probably one of the best mixed martial artists in the world not signed to a major promotion. He has openly asked White for another opportunity to compete in the UFC.

What do you think, should White sign Daley to a UFC contract? Is there room for him in the UFC’s welterweight division?

What about Bellator or the Wolrd Series of Fighting?