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Dan Henderson: Nevada “Took the Easy Way Out” on TRT

Photo via theprovince.com

Dan Henderson, one of mixed martial arts high profile TRT users, has spoken out against Nevada’s recent decision to ban TRT.

Henderson spoke with MMAFighting.com recently and said, “I just think that they took the easy way out. Instead of trying to get rid of the bigger problem of PEDs, they banned the drugs they had already approved for athletes with chronically low testosterone levels.”

Henderson further explained that banning TRT is like taking away someone’s prescription medication. “Are they going to ban insulin for diabetics and other prescribed medications that get people into normal ranges?” Henderson questioned.

According to Henderson, the athletic commission could have easily tried other alternatives before outright banning TRT. “Seems like they could have easily implemented random drug testing,” Henderson said. “I would love for them to do better. Random, no advance notice drug testing.”

Henderson’s own TRT usage started in 2007 “but not until I was told by the NSAC that it was fine to take as long as it was backed up with medical records.”

Henderson is currently scheduled to rematch Maurico ‘Shogun’ Rua on March 23rd in Brazil. The Brazilian Athletic Commission has mirrored the Nevada State Athletic Commission and banned TRT. Henderson will receive the BAC’s last TRT exemption due to how close the rule change was implemented to the fight date..

While Henderson may be approaching the end of his career, the decision to ban TRT will not affect his decision on when to retire. “I’ll deal with the changes after [the Shogun fight],” he said.

Should Henderson get past Shogun, it will be interesting to see how his fighting ability changes without TRT. Henderson competed once without TRT, losing a split decision to Rashad Evans in 2013. If barely losing to a former world champion is indicative of Henderson’s skill without TRT, I think he should be alright.

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