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Bellator 110 Featherweight Tournament Main Card Results: Green, Bessete Move on to Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finals

(Photo Courtesy via Bellator MMA)

The final two fights of the Bellator season 10 featherweight tournament opening round took place on the main card, on Spike TV.

Matt Bessette took on UFC veteran Diego Nunes while Scott Cleve battled Daniel Weichel, all to move one step closer to a shot at the Bellator featherweight title.

Matt Bessette (12-4) vs. Diego Nunes (18-5)

Round 1: A very inspired Nunes fought the hometown favorite in Bessete. They wasted little time reaching in to their arsenal to produce some memorable moments from round 1. Nunes got on top of Bessete on the mat and almost got placed in a triangle, to which the educated Connecticut crowded reacted. Nunes toyed with Bessete as he stood over him but they ended up standing with under a minute left in the first. Bessete tripped Nunes up and thought he hurt him. When he rushed in, Nunes struck back with a flying knee that dropped Bessete, who was able to survive the round.

Round 2: Nunes stalked Bessete around the cage, unleashing pinches on Bessete. He continued with this pattern for the first half of the round until Nunes was dropped by a counter. The crowd erupted but Nunes survived, although the fight was much more competitive from here on. Nunes was grazed by a head kick which frustrated him after a series of nice shots landed on an unassuming Nunes. The round ended with a trip takedown by Nunes.

Round 3: Having both been hurt in previous rounds, Nunes and Bessete wanted to steal round 3 to advance to the semi-finals of the featherweight tournament. The rest of the round was a fantastic example of great match making. Kicks were melded with punches to create about four minutes of excitement and narrowing the gap of victory to a hair.

Official Result: Matt Bessete defeats Diego Nunes via Split Decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)


Desmond Green (9-2) vs. Mike Richman (16-3) – Featherweight Opening Round 

Round 1: An eye poke halted the action but luckily didn’t result in another no contest on the night. Leg kicks were traded out, as were clumsy and self-inflicted stumbles. Green swept the leg of Richman to get him down but he couldn’t hold him there to work any significant offense from the top. Green caught a nice jab and a few good hooks from Richman.

Round 2: Richman’s face was contorted by a straight counter by Green who ducked under Richman’s punch to grab the neck of Richman and force a nice takedown. Green worked his way to side control with a stagnant Richman beneath him. Green wore Richman out while on top to finish out a decisive, yet dull round.

Round 3: A close fight usually suffers from an apprehensive final round. Neither Green, nor Richman were keen to attack, although Richman was walking Green down which could have earned him some cage control for the round.

Official Result: Desmond Green defeats Mike Richman via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)



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