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The UFC Releases Video of Chael Sonnen/Wanderlei Silva Altercation

Screenshot via the UFC's YouTube account.

The rivalry between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva is shaping up to be one of the sport’s greatest in years.

News surfaced earlier this year that Sonnen and Silva had been in an altercation on the set of TUF Brazil. Rumors surfaced that Sonnen ducked under a punch thrown by Silva, landed a takedown, and advanced to full mount before being separated by the cast and crew of the show.

Are the rumors true? Check out the video below and judge for yourself:

This isn’t the first time Silva and Sonnen have had a face to face altercation.

The bad blood between the two men first came to the public forefront when Silva confronted Sonnen in a van over negative comments he had made about Brazil. “In Brazil we have a saying,” Silva told Sonnen. “You have respect, you don’t lose your teeth.”

After the incident in the van, Sonnen tweeted out a multitude of negative comments about Silva including that he is “more intimidated by axe body spray.” Sonnen also questioned the validity of Silva’s wins in the now defunct Japanese MMA promotion Pride tweeting, “You beat 22 men in a row over in Japan, and can’t beat two straight in the US… Big difference when the ref’s not wearing an earpiece.”

The verbal sparring continued for years, coming to a spearhead in September of 2013 when Silva violently confronted Sonnen at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. Silva burst through a crowd of people to get to Sonnen. “Your time is going to come mother f****er,” yelled Silva. Sonnen responded with. “Why don’t you turn your little camera off too! Your time is going to come.”

The two are now scheduled to headline a UFC Fight Night card on May 31st.

Silva and Sonnen have completed filming for the Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, which makes its debut March 9th on UFC Fight Pass.

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