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UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Backs Nevada’s TRT Exemption Ban


The Nevada State Athletic Commission’s ban on TRT exemptions has shaken the MMA industry, but one of the sport’s most high-profile users of TRT is backing the ban.

Chael Sonnen, the sport’s best trash talker, one of the MMA’s most popular fighters, and a prolific user of TRT wants people to “stop complaining.”

“The rules are the rules – that’s it,” Sonnen told Fox Sports Live. “Yesterday, it was legal, so quit complaining. Today, it’s illegal. That’s it. Quit complaining. End of conversation. Testosterone’s out.”

Sonnen tested positive for elevated testosterone levels after his first fight against Anderson Silva in 2010. Sonnen was suspended after the test results came out. Sonnen appealed the suspension, saying he has extremely low levels of testosterone. He was later granted an exemption to use TRT.

But the Nevada State Athletic Commission changed all that with its Thursday ruling.

Vitor Befort, who has been allowed an exemption for testosterone replacement therapy in the past, is out of his title shot against middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 173. The UFC has replaced him with Lyoto Machida, in what should be a dynamic fight.

Sonnen said people should accept the TRT exemption ban and look forward to a great fight at UFC 173.

“This is an incredible fight,” Sonnen said. “First off, Chris Weidman is the undefeated, undisputed middleweight champion of the world, taking out the all-time pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva famously. Lyoto Machida has never looked better since he’s come down to 185 pounds. He’s undefeated with a knockout of Mark Munoz, a unanimous decision over Gegard Mousasi and he’s a former light heavyweight world champion. When you talk about superfights, you’re talking about a champion from one weight class taking on a champion from another weight class. You want a superfight? On May 24, you’re getting one.”