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Chael Sonnen Calls Wanderlei Silva The Worst Fighter In The UFC, A Man Who Speaks ‘Wandanese’


Chael Sonnen is doing what he does best again — shooting off his mouth. This time he’s blasting Wanderlei Silva, his rival on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.

TMZ.com caught up with Sonnen this week and asked him about Silva.

“He is the worst fighter in the UFC,” Sonnen said. “He has the worst record in the UFC. There’s never been a guy who has been able to stay employed and have as bad a record as he has.”

Silva is 35-12. He has lost five out of nine fights in the UFC.

Sonnen says the facts speak for themselves.

“The fact that he sucks is the fact that he sucks,” Sonnen said. “It’s not my opinion. This is his record.”

Sonnen also suggested that Silva is afraid of him. Despite all of his talking, Sonnen said Silva has not signed a contract to fight him.

“He has not signed to fight,” Sonnen said. “All he does is talk about fighting. He knows how to tell the world how tough he is and I get that. I do some of that too but I will always step into the ring and he just won’t do it. If you don’t want to fight just say you don’t want to fight. I am out. I am not a bully.”

Sonnen then badmouthed Silva’s way of talking.

“He’s been making his own videos, he’s been subtitling them and putting them on the internet,” Sonnen said. “He’s speaks this weird language. I call it Wandanese.”

Sonnen is widely regarded as the best trash talker in the business. He rose to fame during the build-up to his first fight with Anderson Silva, where his electric insults made him an overnight star. He nearly defeated Silva during Silva’s prime, winning all four rounds before getting tapped out in the final round.

He didn’t fair as well in the rematch, when he was knocked out in the second round, and despite a submission victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, has looked unimpressive in knockout losses to Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

Silva in recent weeks has attacked Sonnen for taking testosterone replacement therapy.