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Former NFL Player Matt Mitrione Looks To Bounce Back In China After ‘Screw Up’


Former NFL player Matt Mitrione is looking to improve to 7-3 this Saturday when he takes on Shawn Jordan at UFC Fight Night in China.

Mitrione has lost three out of his last for fights, but has not given up hope for a UFC title.

The man who once knocked out the famed Kimbo Slice needs a win in China though to keep his UFC aspirations alive.

Unlike some other fighters, Mitrione said he won’t make excuses about his recent poor run. Mitrione explained his way of thinking in a recent UFC.com interview.

“I compartmentalized things pretty well for quite a while and it just came to bite me in the ass a little bit, but everybody has a story and nobody cares, to be honest,” Mitrione said. “You just go in, do your job the best you can, whatever that job is, and hopefully you don’t kick your dog when you get home.

Mitrione said he’d like to get his most recent fight back, a submission loss to Brendan Schaub.

“I just screwed up – I had one of those fights,” Mitrione said. “I like Brendan as a person – I think he crossed the line in running his mouth a bit too much – and I would love to have that fight back and do it over again, but the facts are what they are: Brendan beat me in that fight, choked me unconscious.”

Mitrione came under fire in 2013 after he made controversial comments about Fallon Fox, a transgendered fighter. Mitrione called her a “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak,” and criticized Florida for licensing her to fight.

Mitrone began his career 5-0, and played during two seasons for the NFL, for the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings.