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Is UFC Fighter Daniel Cormier Good Enough To Be Champ In Two Divisions?


Daniel Cormier just might be MMA’s biggest enigma.

The former U.S. Olympian made lemonade out of lemons after Rashad Evans pulled out of their scheduled UFC 170 fight. Cormier fought an enthusiastic Patrick Cummins and the two successfully hyped the fight that otherwise would have been tough to get excited about.

The question, however, remains:

How good is Cormier?

AXS TV commentator, former fighter and trainer Pat Miletich believes Cormier could win the title at light heavyweight or heavyweight.

“Obviously Cummins was not ready for that fight,” Miletich said in an interview. “Anybody who knew the game knew he wasn’t, but that was a situation where they had to feed him somebody because nobody else wanted that fight. I guarantee it. That’s just the way it is — nobody wants to fight Daniel Cormier. Everybody laughed at me when he was a last-minute replacement for the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix, when I said he was going to kill Bigfoot Silva and then beat Josh Barnett.”

Cormier only dropped down to light heavyweight because his friend and training partner Cain Velasquez is the UFC heavyweight champion. Miletich said later that he believes Cormier could also defeat Velasquez and be heavyweight champ if he wanted to.

Cormier would be the second guy in UFC history to win the light heavyweight and heavyweight championships, behind Randy Couture.

The former Olympian got his start in Strikeforce, where he defeated Antonio “Bigfoot’ Silva and Josh Barnett to win the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix championship. Cormier shocked everybody by his declaration that he was moving down to light heavyweight so that he could compete for the title.

Cormier could compete in the Olympics because he cut too much weight and his kidneys failed.

After the defeat of Cummins, the UFC is gearing up for Cormier to take on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Jones and Cormier have already traded verbal shots.