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Georges St. Pierre Says OCD Contributed To His Indefinite Leave From MMA

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Apparently PED abuse in MMA wasn’t the only thing that contributed to Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St.Pierre’s indefinite leave from MMA.

The fighter recently sat down with CBC News to promote his upcoming documentary “Takedown: The DNA of GSP” and admitted that his OCD contributed to his decision to step away from mixed martial arts.

“As a fighter it’s a good thing to have [OCD], because it makes you better because you completely obsess about being a better martial artist,” said St.Pierre. “Everything you do is oriented around that goal. This same obsession was going to make me crazy. That is why I’m (taking) a break.”

St. Pierre stopped short of calling his break a retirement. “I don’t know if it will be (a retirement), but I have to step out of the competition for a while,” stated St. Pierre. “I had to step out to keep my mental health.”

According to St. Pierre he wouldn’t have done anything different in regards to his retirement. “I think it was the right time,” he said. “Every time I fought it was another opponent than another one then another one. I think it was the right time to do it now.”

If St. Pierre does return, he still feels that he could end up back in the same mental crawlspace. “I will be happy [if I fight] again until the obsessiveness takes over and makes me unhappy again,” said the former champion.

When asked if he will return, St. Pierre stated that he will only return due to his love of the sport. “I’m a martial artist first,” said St. Pierre. “If I come back it’s not for money. I have money I don’t care. If I come back it’s going to be for the love of the sport.”

For fans wanting more of St. Pierre you can catch him in theaters this April as Batroc the Leaper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When asked about possibly staying in the movie business St. Pierre was non-commital. “Yeah, it was a lot of fun,” admitted St. Pierre. “It was a different experience for me, but I don’t know if I want to do this or if I feel if there is something in me that I still want to compete again. I don’t know.”

Only time will tell if St. Pierre will return to the Octagon. If he does return, he needs to be in the right state of mind.

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