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Bobby Green and Phil Baroni Almost Fought At UFC 170

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UFC Lightweight Bobby Green and former UFC fighter Phil Baroni nearly came to blows this past weekend while attending UFC 170.

Green was sitting one row in front of Baroni when things began to escalate. According to Green, everything happened because some of the women that Baroni was with began to talk to him. “There were some girls that were kind of like with him, kind of like poking around, just making fun of me, just having fun,” Green told foxsports.com.

The women began cracking a few jokes with Green, before a man in the audience called the women out for being racist. Green promptly replied, “It’s cool. I hope so.” According to Green, Baroni became upset at  him for saying the words, “I hope so” which led to a loud shouting match between the men nearly escalating to the two “taking things outside.”

“At that point, he’s like let’s go, he hops up and he’s ready to go outside and he’s going to handle me,” recounted Green. “All this time, he jumps up, he’s got everybody looking and I don’t really want to create a scene…So I’m like I’m going to sit here and be cool and calm the situation down, but finally I decided to get up and then my friend stopped me.  I was going to go outside and they basically stopped us from going.”

Shortly after this moment, security approached the two men to see if anyone needed to be escorted out, but the situation was already defused.

While Green has stated that the problems arose because of Baroni having one too many drinks at the event, Baroni told a far different story than Green’s to FoxSports.com.

“He was trying to talk to King Mo’s wife, and I said don’t talk to her dude, that’s my friend’s girl,” stated Baroni. ” He said ‘he ain’t here now’ and I said that’s my friend and he said ‘shut up you washed up old white boy.  I said I’m washed up?  Well get up and let’s go upstairs and square this up in the bathroom and I got up there and he just sat there like a b–ch.”

According to Baroni, he had no idea he was talking to a UFC competitor.

“I have no idea who he is,” admitted Baroni. “He was trying to hit on my friend and I said stop talking to her.  I said come upstairs and he didn’t come and when I came back down I said you’re a b–€”ch.  I wanted to go up there and settle it and he wouldn’t turn around anymore, he just watched the fights.”

Days after the near altercation, neither side has apologized or tried to come to a truce.

Photo via msn.foxsports.com
Green had some very harsh words for Baroni. Photo via msn.foxsports.com

“He’s a has been, a was been, he’s a nobody, he’s a never was to anybody,” said Green. “What has he done in this sport besides sitting behind his body and just trying to look tough with his sunglasses on… He’s a quick pumper is what I like to call them, one or two minutes and they’re done. Let’s make this fight happen, I would love to fight Phil. I’ve got Jim Miller on the plate at this time, so let me do what I need to do and focus on Jim Miller, but I would love to fight him at a catchweight of his choosing.”

Baroni echos a very similar sentiment.

“If he is brave now we can settle it.  Professionally or on the street,” fumed Baroni. “He didn’t want to settle it on the street yesterday so if he wants to talk big and do something now I’m very easy to find…Must be eating him (that) he punked out last night.”

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