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UFC: Does Nick Diaz Deserve A Title Shot?


Nick Diaz is one of MMA’s most outrageous personalities.

Inside the cage he’s prefers to mix it up rather than play it safe. Outside the cage, he’s typically good for a wild quote.

And he’s at it again. Here’s what he said at a UFC 170 post-fight interview:

“Bottom line, I’m the only draw here. Bottom line. We had like the third biggest [PPV]. That wasn’t just because of Georges St-Pierre. And these guys aren’t doing that. People want to pay to see me fight, they want to see someone get knocked out or someone get tapped out, or they want to see me get my ass whooped like they’ve been waiting to see but they still don’t get to see.”

Is Diaz entitled to a title shot?

Diaz is certainly an exciting fighter, but is that enough to warrant an immediate title shot after a self-imposed exile from the sport.

Diaz reigned as the Strikeforce welterweight champion before jumping to the UFC and beating BJ Penn. Diaz then fought Carlos Condit and lost a close, controversial decision. The difference in that fight was that Condit fought safe after he was ahead and Diaz wasn’t able to catch up to him or force him to engage.

Diaz than fought St-Pierre, in what was a one-sided fight. Diaz showed heart in not getting knocked out or tapped out, but St. Pierre was head of him in both the stand-up and on the mat.

Frustrated by those outcomes, Diaz walked away from the sport. He said that he has already paid his dues and doesn’t want to take a fight if it’s not for the championship.

Most fighters probably only want to fight if it’s for a title. Does Diaz deserve a title shot just because he’s an exciting fighter and a PPV draw?

While it may be easy to say Diaz doesn’t, the same wasn’t true for Chael Sonnen, who earned back-to-back title shots in different weight divisions in 2012 and 2013, against Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Sonnen showed little against Silva in the second fight and even less against Jones.

What about guys like Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort? They knocked out guy after guy, but didn’t get quick title shots during their latest runs in the UFC. Belfort, finally, with Silva out, will get a middleweight title shot at Chris Weidman.

What do you think? Should Diaz be able to walk from his living room to the UFC Octagon and fight for gold? Or should he have to beat a top contender first?