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UFC 170 Results: Daniel Cormier vs. Patrick Cummins


Daniel Cormier obtained revenge over former training partner Patrick Cummins, knocking him out at 1:19 seconds of the first round.

First Round: Daniel Cormier rocked Patrick Cummins early with a big right hand. Cummins showed heart early, but Cormier pounded him with several right hands. Cummins held on, but Cormier kept the pressure on and beat him down with a ground and pound.

“I am mad he even hit me twice, with all the talking he did,” Cormier said in the post-fight interview. “When you talk you have to be willing to back it up and that is what I do.”

Cummins was pulled from a coffee shop to replace Rashad Evans, who injured his knee in training. Cummins recalled how he made Cormier cry in wrestling training in 2008, infuriating Cormier.

Cormier got payback Saturday night.