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The Ultimate Fighter Nations Episode 6 Recap


Matthew Desroches and Richard Walsh discuss last week’s fight and express a mutual respect for each other. Walsh then toggles between prospective fights against Chad Laprise and Kajan Johnson. Laprise playfully draws up a poorly written fight contract and places it on the refrigerator, hoping the Australian will take the offer.

Team Canada’s Sheldon Westcott, who faces Daniel Kelly this week, has his left knee checked out at a hospital. “With my knee injury I’m in constant pain,” he said. “The UFC has given me the best doctors to help put me at the best position I could be for this fight.” He gets medical clearance to compete and plans on getting as much rest as possible before the fight.

At Westcott’s training session, Fabio Holanda instructs him to casually advance with his right leg. “He’s not 100 percent but that’s why we’re working with baby steps,” Holanda said. “He doesn’t need to be bouncing around, jumping one side to another. He doesn’t need to kick, that’s why we’re working his hands.” Westcott says he has to make his own strength, regardless of how injured he is.

After weigh-ins, Team Canada coach Patrick Cote sends a video message stating that the fighters get the night off. They will be watching the live broadcast of UFC 167 in the comfort of TUF house. Team Canada breathes a sigh of relief as Georges St. Pierre narrowly won the fight.

Kelly says that he competes to provide for his family, especially his son who suffers from an incurable genetic disease. “This (fight) is just another challenge. I’ve competed in Olympics, I’ve competed in commonwealth games in wrestling. I’ve fought in kickboxing and now I’m doing this,” Kelly said.

As the fight begins, Westcott immediately charges Kelly and connects with a jab. He repeatedly slams the Australian to the mat and strikes the side of his head. Kelly manages to stand for a second before Westcott grabs his waist and takes him down again. Westcott jumps on Kelly’s back and transitions into an arm-triangle choke. He wins the fight less than a minute into the first round.

“This win for me is easily the biggest of my career. Getting hurt as soon as I got here, it’s just, you get a lot of doubt and second guess yourself,” Westcott said. As Team Australia’s consoles Kelly, a UFC doctor tells him a knee ligament may be broken.

Team Canada snaps their two-fight losing streak and takes a 4-2 lead in the series. With only two fighters left, next week’s match will be between Australia’s Jake Matthews and Canada’s Olivier Aubin-Mercier.

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