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UFC 170 Drama: Patrick Cummins Calls Daniel Cormier Mentally Weak

(Photo by Nick Laham/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Patrick Cummins either has an ace up his sleeve or he’s in for an Olympic whipping at the hands of undefeated rising star Daniel Cormier.

Cummins was named as a last-minute placement for Rashad Evans to fight Cormier this Saturday night at UFC 170. Cummins have never fought in the UFC, has an MMA record of 4-0, but is widely regarded as inferior to the Cormier, an Olympic wrestler who has looked pretty much unbeatable in MMA.

Cummins has attempted to embarrass Cormier by saying that he made Cormier cry when the two trained together a decade ago. Cummins is a former All-American wrestler at Penn State University. He apparently made Cormier, 13-0, cry during a training session. Not only did Cummins brings this out publicly, now he’s accusing Cormier of having no heart.

“His weakness is mental,” said Cummins. “A guy comes out there, doesn’t make weight for the Olympics. I mean, c’mon guys, that is about as mental of an issue as you can get.”

Even though he made the team, Cormier couldn’t compete on the 2008 Olympic team because he went into kidney failure after trying to cut weight.

MMA watchers believe that Cummins’ verbal attack of Cormier may only infuriate the Olympian, who is typically low-key.

Cormier has never lost as a heavyweight and is only dropping down to light heavyweight because his friend and training buddy Cain Velasquez is the UFC heavyweight champion.

Many people are wondering why an inexperienced guy like Cummins is getting a high-profile fight against Cormier on UFC PPV. The UFC initially had considered scrapping the fight until Evans recovered from knee surgery, but Cormier grumbled that he wanted a fight. Chael Sonnen agreed to fight Cormier, but the UFC instead went with Cummins.

The feud has not erupted into a full-fledged storyline for the UFC, with Cormier wanting to silence the man who betrayed his gym secrets and Cummins, looking to make a name for himself by upsetting one of the UFC’s brightest stars.