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Nate Quarry On The UFC: “Fighters Are Just A Product To Use And Discard”

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Former UFC Middleweight Title Challenger Nate Quarry is not happy with the UFC’s compensation of its fighters.

Here are some excerpts from what Quarry posted on the Underground forums in response to the UFC’s proposed idea to have all fighters wear UFC uniform’s inside the cage:

“When I signed with the UFC this is what I was told
We can’t pay you much but you can have any sponsors you want.
Then: We need to approve your sponsors.
Then: You can’t have any conflicting sponsors.
Then: You can’t thank your sponsors after fights.
Then: We are not approving any sponsors that we don’t like their product.
Then: Your sponsors have to pay us a fee of $50,000 for the pleasure to sponsor you.
Then: Your sponsors have to pay us a fee of $100,000 for the pleasure to sponsor you.
If a sponsor has a budget of 10k to sponsor a fighter, they are then out. If there are 5 shorts companies in the UFC you can only go to them for a sponsorship. If they have spent their budget or don’t want to support an up and coming fighter they give you shorts instead of money. If you’re fighting for $6,000 to show and fighting 3 times a year, even $500 makes a big difference. When there is no competition they don’t have to pay you. I lost And1 as a sponsor when the UFC enacted the tax.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to fight for the UFC and everything I have besides my daughter has come from fighting. But let’s not fool ourselves. It’s not a charity. It’s a business. And they are doing everything they can to make money. The fighters are just a product to use and discard. Every up and coming fighter is the best ever. Every ex-fighter who then expresses an opinion is a coward, loser, etc, etc. “

Quarry is just the latest former UFC employee to voice his displeasure with the company’s compensation system and general treatment of talent.

Among the key issues brought up by Quarry, the most significant seems to be the UFC’s treatment of sponsors. Charging each sponsor 100,000 dollars to put their logo on a fighter’s shorts is a bit ludicrous. The UFC’s reason for charging a premium to sponsor fighters is to make sure that sponsors actually have the funds to pay the fighter. It’s an amicable stance but is there a reason why the fighters never receive a cut of the 100,000?

Another interesting topic brought up by Quarry was the treatment of fighters after they leave the UFC. Outside of Chuck Liddell, fighters who have either left the company or retired seem to always end up in a spat with Dana White. Should these issues continue to arise, the UFC may face difficulty when trying to sign top level prospects or free agents.

It will be interesting to see if Dana White or any other members of the UFC brass comment on Quarry’s remarks in the coming days.

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