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UFC Claims They Lose Millions a Year to Piracy


Anyone that has been to a movie theatre recently can attest to Hollywood’s all-out effort to stop the illegal pirating of films. Advertisements hang from the walls and fill minutes of pre-movie entertainment in an attempt to halt the ever-growing business. Filmmakers hate it, many musicians are against it, and now the UFC has a new reason to take the battle up a notch.

According to an article published by MMAJunkie.com, UFC Chief Legal Officer Kirk Hendrick claims the UFC is losing millions of dollars every year to piracy. “We have an obligation to our customers and those athletes to continue to pursue the people who don’t want to pay for the goods and services they receive,” Hendrick said. The story goes on to say that money recovered from lawsuits is a fraction of what the UFC has lost to piracy.

With the help of the U.S. Immigration and Customer Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security, the UFC launched a campaign to reprimand criminals four years ago citing the Communications Act of 1934, which makes it is illegal to rent or sell copies of a broadcast even if the copies are made by someone else.

More than 50 percent of individuals sued by the UFC have settled out of court. While it is difficult to sue for copyright infringement, which means that there is proof material was distributed illegally, Zuffa instead targets those who receive unauthorized Pay-Per-View signals.

On Feb. 10, Zuffa released a statement regarding a website they recently shut down. “As part of the on-going initiative against online piracy, Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization, successfully took down and seized the records of www.cagewatcher.eu,” the statement reads. “UFC has obtained details of the streaming site’s userbase, including email addresses, IP addresses, user names and information pertaining to individuals who watched pirated UFC events including UFC 169.”

The UFC has proven that it will do anything curve illegal pirating, which includes supporting the controversial Stop Online Pirating Act. Hackers promptly took over the UFC website and posted UFC President Dana White’s personal information online. White has not opined on Hendrick’s comments or the website that was taken down.


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