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Will Ronda Rousey Walk Through Sara McMann at UFC 170?

Photo courtesy Ronda Rousey Facebook page.

Not since Mike Tyson has a professional fighter dominated the competition like Ronda Rousey has. The UFC women’s bantamweight champion has never lost a round in eight fights; in fact, she’s tapped out seven of her eight opponents before the round was over.

She faces on paper one of her toughest challenges yet, going up against Olympic silver medalist in wrestling, Sara McMann on Feb. 22. Will McMann be able to stop Rousey’s armbar?

Rousey’s coach doesn’t think she will even come close. Here’s what he told MMA Fighting.

“In the fight (McMann) had with Shayna  Baszler . . . I don’t think she was that impressive in that  fight.  She won, yes, so I can’t say much about it, it could have gone  either way, I would say honestly. What it is, she didn’t look that  impressive and I don’t think she’s ready for a fight like Ronda.  I  think Ronda beats her everywhere. We’re ready to do that, we’re ready to  show that.”

Rousey will jump back into the cage Feb. 22, less than two months after she defeated Miesha Tate by armbar submission in the third round. Rousey dominated Tate, even though Tate was able to get Rousey out of the first round for the first time in her career.

With her rushed style, balance and strength, Rousey has been able to dominate her opponents. She takes them down with a judo throw and then works her way into an armbar submission.

McMann will be the best wrestler that Rousey has faced, but McMann is also only 7-0. With three of her victories coming by decision, McMann has not looked as dominant as Rousey has.

The UFC has yet to hype the fight as Olympian vs. Olympian, instead focusing on Rousey fighting so close to when she submitted Tate. Rousey is the first woman from the U.S. to win a medal in judo in the Olympics.

McMann said she will go into the Rousey fight ready for war.

“I don’t like to have total confidence because I think you can start to take something for granted or you won’€™t respect something as much as it needs to be respected,”€ she told Fox Sports. “€œI blow my opponents up to where they are the strongest they ever could be. In my head, I go in there thinking they’€™re stronger, they’€™re faster, they’re 10 times the athlete I saw on the video I reviewed, just so if they get anything I can shut it down very early and my responses to their threats are much stronger.”