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UFC’s Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson Causes Stir With Controversial Comments

(Photo courtesy Anthony Rumble Johnson Facebook page.)

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson says fighters should get paid better or be allowed to use performance enhancement drugs to level the playing field.
Johnson made the controversial comments in an interview with Tapout radio.

“When you got guys like A-Rod and all them,” Johnson said, “they’re making millions per game. We making a couple thousand. They look at us and be like, ‘Man that’s pocket change for me.’ So, hell, I’m probably about to say something stupid, but I’m about to say, either pay us like them and then we won’t have to use it, or let us use it so we can get to that level. One or the other… Let us do something.”

Johnson was just re-signed by the UFC after he was fired for failing to make weight at middleweight. Johnson hasn’t lost since 2012, when he tapped out to Vitor Belfort from a rear naked coach.

Johnson has won six straight, including victories over Mike Kyle and Andrei  Arlovski for the World Series of Fighting.

He will battle rising star Phil Davis at UFC 172 after being resigned by the UFC.

Johnson’s comments come at a time when the industry and the world of sports are struggling with the rising use of PEDs. From the suspension of baseball player Alex Rodriguez to the questions about testosterone replacement therapy use and steroids,  the PED issue has gripped the sports world.

“If you abuse it, of course you are going to get popped for it and do stupid stuff. But if you use it the right way and you just do what you are supposed to do, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But with the way the world is right now, hell you can… Everything’s all messed up right now. I don’t know man. I think if you can do it, do it. I don’t have nothing against it. You know what I’m saying? As long as you don’t kill nobody.”

Regardless of his comments, Johnson will get a second chance to prove himself in the UFC against Davis.