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Report: Jessica Eye Failed UFC 166 Test Due to Marijuana, Not Blood Thinners


The roller coaster that is this Jessica Eye/UFC 166 saga has taken another turn.

First, a women’s bantamweight bout between Eye and Sarah Kaufman from UFC 166 was changed to a No Decision by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. No reason was given at first for the change but speculations of a failed drug test came out as the front runner for blame. For the failed test, Eye was fined $1,875 and placed on a ‘probated suspension’  of January 22nd, 2014 (retroactive to coincide with results of failed test). This type of suspension may act like a legal probation in that a second offense could lead to more serious repercussions.

Her bout with Kaufman was changed to a No Decision but the modified suspension was a ‘probationary’ one and won’t force her removal from the upcoming UFC 170 card as she will face Alexis Davis on February 22nd.

While maintaining her innocence, Bleacher Report was told from multiple sources that the failed test was due to a blood-thinning medication.

In the most recent turn of events, sources for Bloody Elbow have told them that the failed test if actually for marijuana, not blood thinners. The sources are billed as ‘very reliable’ by Bloody Elbow.

Eye recently spoke to FOX Sports about the incident and the challenges she has faced since hearing the news of the overturned result: “I have made mistakes in life, I’m capable of mistakes and I’m probably going to make a lot more mistakes in life, but I’d never make a mistake that would truly ever ruin my character that I have built all these years and waited to get to this moment.  Waited to get to the UFC.”

While the sources for Bloody Elbow are reliable to them, definitive confirmation has not yet been released.


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