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Thiago Silva Update: Bail Denied, UFC Contract Terminated, Preliminary Hearing Done


Thiago Silva’s stand-off with police after an initial altercation at the Pablo Popovitch’s Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. has resulted in some rather serious repercussions for this troubled fighter.  After confronting gym members with a hand gun Silva returned to his home where he held off officers of the Broward County Sheriff’s department. He also allegedly placed a gun in his wife, Thaysa’s, mouth and threatened to kill her.

The incident at the gym was initially reported at around 7:45 p.m. ET yesterday with police finally taking Silva into custody just after 11:00 p.m. ET that same evening.

The judge in the hearing this morning initially issued a bond amount of $2.5M but later denied Silva bond and ordered he be remanded to custody, labeling him a flight risk. Silva’s lawyer pleaded with the court explaining that Silva was not financially able to flee even if he wanted to and needed the money from his scheduled UFC 171 bout with Ovince St. Preux to even partially cover the initial bond amount.

The judge responded sternly to Silva’s attorney, “The court has no doubt that you could kill any or all of these people without even using a gun.  The court believes that you do represent risk of flight,” 

Silva has since had his contract terminated by the UFC and president Dana White has stated that he will never again fight in the UFC again.

The Sun Sentinel has the full preliminary hearing on youtube. Silva’s begins at around two hours and 20 minutes:

They also reported on the particulars of the incident at the gym, Thaysa Silva told investigators that her husband appeared extremely intoxicated, was holding a Glock pistol and demanded she bring Popovitch outside or he would “go into the gym and start shooting everyone,” the report said.

TMZ also ran a video on the story:


Bloody Elbow also live-tweeted the hearing, here are some highlights:

“The court does not believe at this time that there is enough to support a charge of attempted murder in the affidavit.”

“My understanding is that Silva does have financial resources and no ties to the (FL) community.”

“This looks like ongoing domestic violence.” 


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