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Top 3 Reasons to Watch UFC 169


The UFC returns to it’s normal price point of 54.99 this weekend but is this card worth your hard earned cash?

You have two lighter weight title fights, a heavyweight bout between two guys on the verge of being cut, and a flyweight bout that could determine the next contender for the title. The card may lack a Jon Jones or Cain Velasquez but it is definitely worth your money. Check out the top three reasons to watch UFC 169.

1. Will The California Kid Finally Do It?

Will the sixth time be the charm for Urijah Faber? Since losing his fifth straight title fight, Urijah Faber has once again gone on a roll in non-title bouts. The Faber we have seen over the past year is a completely different animal than the Faber that lost every title fight he has been in since November of 2008. Will it be enough against a beast like Renan Barao? Only time will tell, but the prospects of Faber obtaining UFC gold have never been better. If Faber can take home the belt, he will solidify his spot as the greatest fighter of all time below 155 pounds. If for no other reason, the possibility of Faber wearing a UFC belt should make you want to tune in.


2. Will A Super Fight Be Made?


If the stakes weren’t high enough for Jose Aldo, they were recently elevated after Dana White announced that he likes the idea of Aldo moving up to lightweight for a bout with 155 pound champion Anthony Pettis. The opportunity to take on Pettis would be huge for Aldo’s career. Aldo has struggled to make the jump from well-known fighter to superstar in the UFC and a bout with Pettis would be a significant step in helping him get there. One person who has other plans is Chicago native Ricardo Lamas. Lamas is looking to end Aldo’s title reign this Saturday and put a stop to all talk of a super fight with Pettis. Whenever the words “super figut” come out of Dana White’s mouth, something always goes awry and ruins his plans. Will Lamas put an end to yet another super fight that Dana White wants to put together? There is only one way to find out: Watching UFC 169.


3. A Heavyweight Resurgence

I know it’s a bit cheap to pick the top three billed bouts as reasons to watch a card, but the storylines in all three are by far the juiciest. Alistair Overeem and Frank Mir are at a crossroads in their respective careers. The loser of their bout likely finds themselves ousted from the UFC. The prospect of being cut is much more damning for Mir than Overeem. If Overeem is cut, he can still compete in kickboxing for a large amount of money. On the other hand, Frank Mir would have to look for employment with another MMA promotion or retire. I could see Bellator or World Series of Fighting taking a chance on him, but he won’t make nearly as much money with either promotion. Fighters who have their backs against the wall tend to put on the best performance of their careers. The bout will probably be over very quickly, but the finish will be memorable.

You can’t miss this one.

There you have it SciFighters. Hopefully if you were on the edge about this card I helped sway you one way or another. Regardless of your weekend plans, I hope it is a safe and enjoyable one.

Enjoy the fights and remember that all of the fight night coverage you need will be here on SciFighting.com