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Fighter Profile: Undefeated Bellator Fighter Liam McGeary

(Photo Courtesy via John Liot)

(Photo Courtesy via John Liot)

When you’re graced with a personality and record such as Liam Mcgeary you are bound to get noticed, by fans and promotions alike. This Undefeated Professional Mixed Martial Artist has finished all his fights via submission or knockout, he never lets it go to decision. His fighting style is not the only thing that stands out about this rising MMA star, his overall demeanor at 6’6” 205lbs of English charm makes him hard to ignore.

This UK fighter was born in Kings Lynn, moved at 15/16 years of age and traveled, and worked for 13 years then decided in 2009 to start training properly Jersey UK. He then came to America about two years ago to start his career. What a start it was winning three fights in 2013 alone for Bellator.

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney even sees a bright future for Mcgeary saying “He is a special talent great personality, great look, he’s a kid we have a lot of high hopes for.” Even sharing a discussion he had with him after his last win at Bellator 108, “Don’t be surprised if that kid is able to elevate his game, its so funny right after his last fight [Bjorn] came up to him and [Bjorn] was like ‘wow we are getting closer’ and [McGeary] looked at me, with that great accent and that great personality, and said ‘I am ready now,” [Bjorn] was like “you just may be ready now but lets not get to far in front of it’ and [McGeary] says ‘no brother, you can put me against anyone.”That kids the real deal.”

The real deal he is with his raw uninhibited talent and heart for the sport, we had to talk to him and get his opinion on his career thus far.

(Photo Courtesy via John Liot) (Photo Courtesy via John Liot)

SciFighting: Once you realized you had talent how did you start the process of getting into a big promotion like Bellator in the states?

Liam: There wasn’t any process really; I’d had 1 fight Ring of Combat then after that my then coaches were struggling to find me anything else. I spoke to Kurt and he made a call and then they agreed to see what I was about, I think I surprised them a little haha.

SciFighting: How did you surprise them?

Liam: I don’t think they expected me to KO the guy in 1:18 seconds, 3-0 guy coming from a little island to fight on a big show, even I was surprised haha

SciFighting: Explain the challenges you have face fighting in the states and coming from Jersey? What’s your driving force

Liam : I don’t find the challenges any harder than normal. Its difficult being far from home sometimes, but that’s one of the sacrifices I had to make if I was going to try and make it over there.

I guess my driving force is to prove anyone that ever said I wouldn’t be able to do it

SciFighting : what would you be doing if you weren’t fighting?
Liam: I was a self-employed steel fixer before I started training, so I would probably be doing that. Although I don’t quite fancy working on a building site now I have had the taste of a fighters life….a fighters life is that we get to do what we love everyday and train..

Liam: My Ultimate goal is to become world champion, win every competition I enter and be number 1; reaching it I’m either going to knock every one out or submit them. I don’t like leaving it to someone else to tell me if I have won or not.

If you watch Mcgearys fight you know that he has not let anyone tell him if he’s won or not, and we look forward to more of that here in the cage.

If you want to see more of Liam check out his webpage http://www.liammcgeary.com/.

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