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Pat Barry Announces Indefinite Leave From MMA


After a 15 fight MMA career, Pat “HD” Barry will be taking an indefinite leave from the sport.

Barry’s Manager Brian Butler released the following statement via SuckerPunch Entertainment’s Facebook page.

“After long discussions with our client Pat Barry over the recent weeks, he has come to the decision that he

will be taking an indefinite leave from competing in MMA. The UFC and Zuffa have been very gracious in releasing him from his contract and Pat is very grateful for everything they have done for him and his career.

“Over the past few fights I’ve just had this sinking feeling in my stomach whenever I have stepped into the Octagon and I realize, I DONT WANT TO WRESTLE. Not saying I will never do MMA again, but right now I just want to hit people. MMA and the UFC have been great to me and I will always support the company and the sport. I want to thank all my fans, sponsors and haters for being with me on this journey and I look forward to what future holds.” – HD!

“Pat and I have talked about this for a while now and with recent changes in the landscape of combat sports, he wants to explore some options and try to get back to his roots. He’s going to take a little time to clear his head and then we will explore our options. We will keep you posted on things as they develop.” – Brian Butler “

Barry’s indefinite leave from MMA could mean a return to kickboxing for the vaunted striker. Kickboxing promotion GLORY is quickly gaining popularity and would be an ideal landing spot for “HD.” The deal would make sense on both ends as Barry would not have to take a significant paycut and the promotion would get a prominent MMA star in return.

The large print Barry uses in his disinterest in wrestling and having a proclivity for the striking game would help Barry fit like a missing puzzle piece in to GLORY’s roster.

Glory would also be able to offer Barry bouts with the most significant names in the sport of kickboxing. If Barry wants to make the most money and be considered a top kickboxer he needs to fight the likes of Rico Verhoeven, Daniel Ghita, Gokhan Saki, and Sergei Kharitonov. The only promotion that can give him the aforementioned high quality opponents and a serviceable platform to perform on is GLORY.

If Barry never returns to MMA, he leaves the sport with an 8-7 record overall and a 5-7 record in the UFC. While Barry was never close to a title shot he quickly became one of the promotion’s most popular fighters through his fan friendly style and lovable personality.

We here at SciFighting.com would like to thank and congratulate Barry on a wonderfully entertaining MMA career.

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