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Anderson Silva Files Report Against Woman Who Called Him “Sh***y”

Photo via guardianlv.com

Punch Anderson Silva in the face, no problem. Call him naughty words on twitter, you better watch out.

Brazilian media outlet Globo confirmed that Anderson Silva has filed a police report for defamation against a 40-year-old woman who tweeted him negative comments. The currently unnamed Brazilian woman tweeted Silva phrases such as “Brazil will see the rotten idol you are” and ”You are a Sh***y idol” after his second loss to Chris Weidman.

The penalty for defamation in Brazil is either six months in jail or a fine.

According to MMAFighting.com, the local police are still searching for the name and details on the woman who posted the comment over Twitter.

While a lawsuit is a very serious thing, perhaps Silva is trying to make a point and build support from his fans as he struggles with the most difficult time of his career. Silva isn’t necessarily over-blowing the situation. Twitter is a powerful tool and being called a bad idol in a nation that prides itself on nationalism while he sits out with a terrible injury would probably get under the skin of a lot of people and given the past criticisms that he has swept under the rug, he is doing just fine.

Silva was last seen in the UFC this past December where he failed to regain his Middleweight title from the aforementioned Chris Weidman. Silva broke his leg in the second round of the bout but hopes to return to training in 6-9 months.

Silva is usually hard to find in the public eye outside of build up for a fight but following the horrific injury he suffered in that bout, he has been very vocal on his opponent Chris Weidman, his injury, and his potential return to the Octagon.

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