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Nate Diaz Calls Out Pettis, Insults Henderson/Thomson

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Nate Diaz doesn’t take to Twitter much unless he feels that he has to do so.

Given the recent shake up in the UFC’s lightweight division, he felt that need late Sunday night.

I would’ve done a interview but they scared to call I think UFC got you all in check… #marks pic.twitter.com/rrkqRQwqfj

— Nathan Diaz (@NateDiaz209) January 27, 2014

Diaz is referring the UFC on FOX 10 main event between Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson. Henderson eked out a split decision win over Thomson which could very well set him up with the next shot at the lightweight belt. Thomson was originally set up for a title shot of his own until lightweight champ Anthony Pettis withdrew from their fight with an injury. Instead of waiting for Pettis to return, Thomson took the fight with Henderson and is now thrust back in to the pile of 155-pound contenders.

Among those contenders is Diaz who took to Twitter as seen above. He ridiculed the fighting styles of both men, accusing them of not truly fighting during their 25 minute decision. One reference in particular pokes at the controversial decision in which Diaz gave the fight, that he thought was boring, to neither man.

He continued on to bash lightweight champ Pettis for sitting on the sideline ‘playing his Hollywood role’ as Diaz says. Pettis’ younger brother Sergio fought on the preliminary portion of the card which attributed to Pettis’ presence as he also took on a temporary job at the UFC on FOX desk to do some commentary for the official weigh-ins. Diaz insults the fact that Pettis has pulled out of several of his recently booked fights as well such as the bout with Thomson and a UFC 163 bout with Jose Aldo.

Diaz also uses the term ‘marks’ several times which is often used as slang for a ‘sucker’ or someone who can be beaten up easily.

Before the tweet shown above, Diaz put this one out that may be foreshadowing something in particular considering the former number contender in Josh Thomson lost and that Henderson lost fought Pettis at UFC 164. Diaz may have earned himself a shot with a TKO win over Gray Maynard, or it could just be Nate Diaz being Nate Diaz.

He allready knows were fighting …
— Nathan Diaz (@NateDiaz209) January 26, 2014

Either way, it is great entertainment and whether Diaz is trying to self-promote (I have a feeling he isn’t) or not, it’s working.

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