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UFC on FOX 10 Results: Benson Henderson Edges Josh Thomson

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The main event was a lightweight title eliminator as former UFC champion Benson Henderson try to earn a rematch with Anthony Pettis. He would have to defeat the number one contender at lightweight, Josh Thomson.

Henderson’s last bout was a loss to Pettis at UFC 164. Henderson (19-3) lost his title via first round arm bar. Henderson’s last two losses were to Pettis, losses stretched over four years of fighting.

Thomson impressed in his return to the Octagon as he TKO’d Nate Diaz after landing a huge head kick to start his TKO off.

Round 1: Henderson had the first big offensive move as he threw a high kick that didn’t land. Thomson got a hold of Henderson and slammed him, moving right in to back control with a body triangle in place. Thomson worked diligently for the choke from every angle while Henderson defended well. Henderson stood up with Thomson still on his back with the body triangle in place. He eventually let go as his legs were surely beginning to fatigue. Henderson got control of Thomson. He tripped Thomson to the mat but he kicked back to his feet. Henderson got a standing arm triangle on Thomson which looked like it could have been over but Thomson was able to get out. He flipped Henderson up and on to his head to end the first round.

Round 2: Henderson closed on Thomson quickly and held him against the cage. Thomson worked Henderson’s legs with knees but couldn’t separate. They were split from inactivity. Thomson slammed Henderson again and the leg of Henderson was pinned beneath him but luckily, it didn’t cast injury. Thomson got another body triangle but Henderson stood up again to make him let it go. Henderson made sure that Thmson never made it too far from the cage and controlled a majority of the round while they were standing for most of it.

Round 3: Henderson attacked Thomson to open the round. He tackled him and kept a hold of his back until Thomson spun around in the guard. It was made known that Thomson had a broken hand coming in to this round. It hadn’t visibly affected his game yet. Thomson wasn’t throwing as much in this round while Henderson attacked with urgency to try and make the gap between their success more broad. Henderson swept the leg of Thomson and got on top of him for a second. Thomson got back up to end the round.

Round 4: Thomson fought through the broken hand and absorbed some heavy strikes early to get a nice drop takedown on Henderson. He was in half guard and kicked around to pass but instead was put in to Henderson’s guard. Henderson kept Thomson in mission control but Thomson scrambled and got out. He got on top of Henderson for a second but Henderson powered out of it and got another takedown of his own. Henderson held the back of Thomson whose face was against the cage. He front kicked the calf of Thomson to wear his legs down. Thomson got another takedown and jumped to Henderson’s back once again, with the body triangle in. Thomson held the body triangle while Henderson stood up and he pumped the crowd up while riding Henderson’s back.

Round 5: Hendreson’s accuracy had only improved at this point. He feinted strikes and landed big knees to the body of Thomson. Thomson ended up waiting for Henderson to go. This wasn’t wildly successful for him but he was able to land here and there. Henderson backed Thomson down and mixed his kicks up to the head, body and legs. Thomson caught a leg of Henderson and put it up high to trip Henderson up. It worked and he jumped on Henderson to grab his back while Henderson stood against the cage. Henderson spun it around and grabbed an underhook. Henderson split with a nice elbow.

Official Result: Benson Henderson defeats Josh Thomson via Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)

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